Monday, November 06, 2006

We are Guilty

Lord, I just finished my study today on the prayer of Daniel in 9:4-19. The most compelling point in today's study was that Daniel, a man of high integrity and morals, included himself in the sin of the nation. He pleaded with the Lord, to forgive them all and that he too was one of the greatest of sinners. I love the very end when Daniel cries out for the Lord to do all this for His Name sake. He is not crying out so that Daniel gets his way or so that he will become great or that he will not look stupid in some way or another, but so that God's name is preserved and remains the strong tower and refuge that it has always been and always will be!

Lord, on the heels of this Haggard scandal out in Colorado, i can see this very prayer as our prayer as a nation! Lord, we have failed you. Yes, this is a very real and obvious and personal sin of one man, but as a whole this Christian nation is slipping and letting You down in a huge way. We are disgracing Your Name and certainly not bringing You honor and fame! Lord Jesus, can you ever bring us back around. I know You can, but i wonder if You will even choose to move in this way. My sins in Your eyes of holiness and righteousness are just as bad as this man in Colorado. Lord, can you begin with me - Change my heart.

Jesus, it is the nation as a whole that has gotten so lazy - me included. We want to act right and live right, but because of a huge wave of laziness we fall into major sins - any sin to You is major. Lord, we have let our guard down, the Armor of God. We have taken You for granted and not taken Your commands for real. We have slipped in our quiet times with You and are now worshipping other temples. We are worshipping the very temple in which You live (our bodies), but not worshipping the One who lives in our temple - God Almighty!

Lord I am amazed at the things You have allowed me to be part of knowing all my sins - and only You do know them all, even the sins i don't even know about. Lord, i come to You begging for Your forgiveness and that You change our nation. It is no mistake or coincidence that this week is a huge election for the nation. We have got to get out and vote our convictions and make our voice heard. Lord, i can pray for us as a whole, but i must begin with me! Do Your amazing work in me. Change those areas in me that just totally disgust You. Make me more like You. Yes, of course i want to be used, but more importantly i want Your Name to be honored. If that can only happen with me being quiet and still before You then by all means. I believe the whispers You have told my heart and I know the plans You have for me, but more than anything i want to be humble before You and guilty of total abandonment. I heard Ergun's brother, Emir Caner, speak yesterday and my dear friends Amber and Casey speak at FBC Charlotte on their call to missions. Amber and Casey will going to a country in Northern Africa to a country that has not had missionaries for 35 years. Casey's passion for these people was just incredible and so inspiring. Lord, give me more passion for the lost and those that don't really KNOW You. Begin Your refining power in me and with me! Draw us near! I love you Lord!

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