Friday, November 03, 2006

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Hey everybody - got a different turn on the blogging this morning. I just studied a beautiful prayer from Daniel in chapter 9. Go check it out!! But this morning i am asking you a question to think about and then comment - direct e-mail to me or comment from this blog. Remember you can not comment from feedblitz.

You know i am studying the end times and all. The Lord just gave me a time line yesterday that i had been needing. Well, at the end of the timeline is the new Heaven and new Earth. I am not in complete understanding as who will live on that and what it will be like. But because we will have Jesus face to face by then, we will have been made whole - perfect - without blemish. So i was just kind of thinking for fun and wondering what we will do on the new earth. Will we do a great job with perfection or will we do what we want to do or always dreamed all to His glory and with perfection? Or will we do what we were always meant to do with perfection.

So my question to everyone today is - and i want you to comment back on this - What do you think it is that you will do on this new heaven? Not what you have always wanted to do, but what will you actually do to perfection and all to His glory? (If we even get to live ont his earth for the 1000 years.)

Wouldn't be interesting if i had always meant to be a doctor or a teacher or a secretary or gymnast?? I know i can see my strengths now in this life, but maybe i was meant to do something totally different! What do you think you will do to perfection on this new earth?

Thank you Lord! Speak through me this weekend and be all over everyone and everything! Keep us warm. Pour Your Spirit all over me and allow me to only speak Your words. Speak thru me! I love you!

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