Monday, January 01, 2007

210 - A New Start - very long

Heavenly Father, thank you for meeting with me this morning. I have started a new study on David from Beth Moore's study "A Heart Like His". It is a 90 day devotion book with really probing questions. I know it will be intriguing and very thought provoking. Before i get into all that i really need to debrief myself and unload on all my recent experiences in the past 2 weeks - or at least from the 22.

22 - they came and loaded up the truck to move our stuff. The mover guys were incredible - I highly recommend Carey Moving company with Allied. They did not finish until 7:30 because of all the rain and then Clay and I had to clean. We did not pull out of Charlotte until 9pm and were totally exhausted. We were driving separately and I could only make it to Asheville. It was the scariest driving in my life. I literally could not keep my eyes open. We had to pull over and stay in a hotel.

23 - we got to my moms ate a wonderful meal and then open presents. It was such a great time and everyone was so generous as they always are - especially mom and dad.

24 - went to Wal-mart and got a really great perm. So good to have some curl back after so many years of straight. But boy did i stink.

25 - Santa came for the kids and my brother's kids and it was awesome. They all were so excited and pleased.

26 - my brother and his daughter were sick on the way to Florida, but the family made it and had a wonderful time. They even went swimming at Christmas - pretty cool.

27 - mom and I had a great day of shopping and hanging out while Dad and Clay did some chores and trash throw away - DUMP! My family then left for Illinois and made it OK time. We went straight to the house. It was funny how some rooms looked much bigger than i was expecting and some much smaller. But i was very excited to see if it would all fit. We then met the family out at the Gray's new house, ate dinner, and then opened their presents. That too was a great time and much generosity. 5pm - movers called and said they were not going to make it and would be there at 9am on the 28th.

28 - movers showed up and things began to pour in. Holy cow - they went too fast and were just so great. I tried to unpack as fast as they brought in, but there were 6 of them and only 1 of me. I do have to say it is now the 1st, Monday, and our house is all set up. I mean we do have a few more pictures to hang, but for the most part everything is in working order ready to have a social. Now - just got to make some friends. hee hee

29-30 - days spent opening boxes and hanging pictures and just beginning the new life. We have already had many neighbors stop by. I think that is one of my favorite things is how people just stop in. I have a front door that you can actually keep open and see the front yard. I used to love how Ginger would keep her front door open all the time so we could just come right in. We walked to the gas station for donuts and post office. People ask me if i am Clay's wife. Kind of funny - Because i worked so many years at my old church people would always ask Clay if he was my husband. I like it better this way. A church stopped by and brought us home made carmels - yum!!!!!!!!!! - and Flex (????) brought us delicious cake! I have been running around town and had to do the "grab rocks move" to scare off a dog. Clay taught me a long time ago that is how dogs respond around there since not many people have fences. It worked. Tucker has been living at the grade school outdoor basketball court. It is walking distance. The girls have met alittle girl in our back yard named Tori. She is precious. Her brother Blake is a sweety too. He is a year older than Tucker and they have hit it off well too.

Big news - I received my first offer from a publisher to publish my book - holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped i can hardly see straight! Thank you, Lord!

31 - We went to this church called Crossroads Bible church. It was basically North Campus. I mean awesome. Big band, awesome singers - piano player woman was out of this world - very charismatic. I am not used to all that, but i loved it. Everyone was very free in the Spirit, but nothing freaky. It was a very strong presence of the Spirit. I really enjoyed my time. This whole move can be summed up in the 4 words for Clay and I. "Putting Feet to Faith" It is one thing to be devoted to the Lord in word, but to actually live it out and DO something is another. That was his whole sermon. He made up a vision plan for the church and even gave specifics. For those that know Clint Pressley - this guy was Clint Pressley, just bigger. I never thought i would even hear anyone even close to Clint - but he is right in my own little town. Wow - do i feel so blessed. Anyway his whole sermon was about how he had already set up a plan with the local county officials to let us know when we can come in a do a service project. They will supply the materials, but we will do the work. From my old church it is Hearts and Hammers. Only this is working directly with the county - how cool is that? He went on to preach about doing the simple things like returning some one's cart in wal-mart or wherever. Just doing things instead of soaking, soaking, soaking. Clay and i just sat there with our mouths about dropped open because this whole sermon had been all our very own conversations. Thank you Father for the confirmations - we aren't crazy.

After church we came home and had some lunch and our cable guy came out. Yes, i am not pleased either - we now are a cable family. But at least my out of town family will not be so bored by our 5 channels. ha ha

So then Courtney Neal and I jumped in the car and headed for Evansville. It was a really quick trip, but we both new exactly what we wanted. She was also having a huge New Years party at her house that night and needed to get back. How kind was that of her to go with me in the midst of all she felt like she needed to do at home. We had a blast and laughed until we cried. We had been dreaming of yesterday's shopping trip for years. The party at her house was incredible. So much food and fellowship. Tons of kids and just a great time. I got to meet a lot of girls, but of course i remember no one's name. I bet there were at least 50 people, mostly her church folks i think. Really sweet people. Late night!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now we are at today. I got up very early, but did not beat Elleigh. But i gave her breakfast and put her in front of Dora (one good thing about cable) and got a great time of prayer in and now "debriefing" as i like to call it.

1 Sam. 16:7 (one of my most favorite verses) Man looks at outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. I think that verse is so appropriate for right now in my life. In some ways i look different than some folks here, but in other ways i fit right in. But for me i must look at the heart. I can not judge - not suppose to at all anyway - but i can not judge someone by what they wear, what they drive, or any outward image. I must look at the heart as i pray everyone else will as well. When Samuel went to anoint David, David was left out in the field tending to the sheep as i assume he was very often. Being the baby brother he got the brunt of everything. I have felt the same many times. I have allowed past experiences to make me feel much less than others. Not measure up or even not be good enough. I know we all do it. Treated like the little brother can be so harming, but it is what you do with it or how you respond. God sees something special in me or He would not have created me. I was made to worship - worship Him alone. I will!!! He commands it and I will! The little brother thoughts and struggles are from the pit of hell and I will not be ensnared by them any longer. He is my Savior and my Righteous King! He is my Redeemer.

Praise You Lord!! I love you and just feel so overwhelmingly blessed!! Thank you. Kids start school on Wednesday. May they enjoy it and have a good time. Please allow us to get Sarahjane in somewhere! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Leigh, it is so great to hear about your adventures of getting settled in! I hope the kids have a great first day of school today.
All my love and prayers...scottie lyn.

Tracy Hurst said...

I am so glad your move went well. I prayed for you - I don't even know you, but I have prayed for ya! I am thrilled about your book being accepted by a publisher!! That is one of my desires as well! I celebrate with you! Blessings, Tracy at