Thursday, January 04, 2007

212 - He Done Good

Good morning Lord! I woke up early again and i thank you for that. My room is in direct shot with Elleigh's room and I know she is going to hear my alarm so very often. SO thank you for waking me up before the alarm so that i could have uninterrupted time with You.

This morning i was in the very beginning of Samuel where it talks about Hannah being childless and even bitter. Her husband has the gall to ask her why she is downcast and is not being married to him better than 10 sons. Not only is that a crazy out of line question for that day, but obviously it wasn't OK with him either to have a barren wife since he has another that was a "producer". How insensitive and just stupid. As Beth Moore called it, "clueless".

Lord the husband area is one area that i can shout out a huge, "Yeah Baby". Thank you for blessing me with a strong man and yet one that is very sensitive - sensitive to Your leading, but also to my feelings. Clay is such a blessing to me and i have even seen that more and more since we have moved. He is protective of me and is a very good mind reader at times. I can be the stupid one and pull the silence game - he recognizes it and even knows how to make it turn around. Clay had a wonderful example to follow and for that i am eternally grateful as well.

Jesus, help me to be the kind of wife that deserves that kind of blessing. May i be sensitive to his feelings and desires. May i be protective of him and guard our time. Thank you for the work you have done in us over the years. Thank you for my great wifely example as well. My mom has always been my dad's greatest cheerleader. I want to be that as well.

Yesterday was the kids first day of school in NCO. Satan tried to get us down by giving us a flat tire as we walked to the car, but nope we trudge on. We made it in time since the school is only 3 minutes away and the kids got great teachers. Tucker has Mrs. Barton and EJ has Jan Carroll. I have known Jan for many years. She used to come down and watch Clay play at Union with her family all the time. Great family. Her daughter is one of the top pitchers in the nation - she is a Georgia. She was very committed to AAU and all that. I am hoping if i have an athlete she will be able to direct me in that path.

Kids got off the bus - dropped off right in front of the house - and the first thing that came out of Tucker's mouth was how excited he was to get not just 1, but 2 lockers. They have PE everyday and he is so pumped. Emmajoy screamed about having a new best friend on the first day. Her name is Allyssa. I asked what her last name was and she shouted with her hands on her hip, "mom, I don't need to know that part." ha ha I think they are going to do just fine!

They had one opening in SJ's age - did not surprise me of God. And get this - a bus comes and picks her up and brings her home. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! It is a short everyday school and FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow!!!!!!! Very cool!! Elleigh also got in one day a week for a few hours in Teddy Bear Day Care. Things are still going well.

Last night Coach Jack Johnson and Ms. Linda came over for coffee and dessert. They have been long time best friends of the Grays and like Clay's second parents. They have always been so kind to me and loved me with open arms. They wanted to hear "the story" of what brought us back. We had a special time with them.

Another neighbor dropped by yesterday to give me awesome Key Lime Pie and fruit. WOW - good stuff. I am going to her house tomorrow to workout with some other ladies. Candy was so kind to invite me, i hope i don't make it too crowded. She has a full gym in her basement. Pretty cool - and the kids get to come. One other lady brings her 3 daughters or at least 2.

All i can say is Praise You Lord!!!!!!!! You done good!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

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Carol said...

What an inspiring post! I'm so glad I stopped by.

I love Beth Moore. I've enjoyed every one of her studies - several of them twice.

You have much to be thankful for!