Monday, January 08, 2007

215 - What is my promise?

Lord Jesus - thank you for a great morning. I got all the kids off to school. SJ rode the "bus" to school with the little friends and was so excited. She woke up at 6:15 just anxious to go. I love that!!! Elleigh was also terribly excited to go to Teddy Bear. She just ran in and jumped in playing with a friend. It was precious. EJ and T are still really enjoying the new school too. I had to take them early this morning so Tucker could practice his shots. hee hee He is ate up!

Clay is traveling this week, well just a few days up in the Dakotas - ouch, that is cold!!!! Protect him and allow him great favor with all his reps. Big sales Lord! Thank you.

This morning I came back to I Samuel 1:19-28. Hannah has finally gotten pregnant and committed to nurse her baby until 3 and then present him to the Lord. I mean give him to the Lord for continual service. No, not Christian school, no not Bible study, no not even boarding school. This was a life of forever service - even to take the Nazirite vow. Wow. Can you imagine? And she followed through. What kind of promises have i made and never followed through. The Lord has been even gracious enough to not remind me at times.

Lord, i do pray my kids serve you in whatever capacity that means, but selfishly would i be proud if they sailed off to Northern Africa? Would i really trust in You? I know this is exactly what my friend's mom Angela is going through. Her child has committed to being in Northern Africa for 2 years. I think she might get to come home, but that is a very dangerous place. Or what about the Middle East. My friend Rusty, his brother lives there. I mean they don't even say what they are really there for in fear of death. Now that is commitment. How do you raise kids to be that committed to the Lord? How do you raise kids to be so sold out? How do you raise kids just to love the Lord? Lord, teach me. Give me patience. I feel like i blow it all the time.

Even in the short time that Samuel was with Hannah, his momma, he learned of a faithfulness and excitement to the Lord. He learned a sold out faith and one that was truly committed. Lord, what do my kids see? Do they see any level of commitment? Do they really know how to address You? Do they know what it means to follow? Do they know what it means to put feet to faith? Do they know what it means to step out of comfort? Do they know what it means to say I must? Do they know what it means to say I will never? Do they know what it means to say I will always follow? Lord, help me to show them, help me to teach them, help me to be real.

Today and every day i commit my kids to You and turn them over to You for forever. I ask that they learn whatever possible from me and from all the great resources we have today. May they see a strong Daddy and one of deep conviction and faith. Lord, do whatever it takes so that they do not question where we stand and yet still follow. May i show a joy in service and a joy in living and even cleaning, ha ha! If i can't do the nitty gritty with joy then what good is the pretty stuff. Help me to live out the Joy of Jesus!

I love you Lord. Nashville event is next weekend. Please bless it and do something awesome.

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My sweet little Alyssa Lyn is now 7 months old and I pray daily that she fulfill her destiny in Christ, but the prayer that I am reminded to pray after your blog today is - Lord help me to release her to fulfill her destiny in You! We both know that Jesus is faithful! I also pray that she will see Jesus in my husband and me.

I hope I can meet you sometime. Whenever you are in Atlanta, GA let me know.
Blessings! Tracy Hurst