Tuesday, February 13, 2007

244 - Band of Sistas!

Lord Jesus - thank you for the wonderful time of praise this morning. It is amazing that even you are in control of my praise. You allow it to be something that brings you honor and draws me in or it can be something that has no meaning at all. Even in praising You, You are in control and sovereign! Oh Jesus how i love you and want more of You. Pour on Your Spirit and fill me to the brim!

I Samuel 22:1-10 - the verse i just am in love with is verse 2. It explains that David was the leader of the discontented, debtors, and distressed. I have been every one of those and still am to varying degrees. Lord, I think it is so great that He did not start out by leading the pretty and the fun. He started with the ones that probably were tough and one his nerves at times. He was running for his life and I would bet there were times he wanted to run from them as well.

I know there are people that just want to be around the pretty ones. I am not sure there is anything that gripes me more. They want to not be bothered by those that have issues or situations or even not as much as they have. They turn up their nose and seek only those with a name or place or position. There was a girl i knew that did that in everything. I would go as far to say that she still does that to this day that i know of. Oh it grates on my nerves.

But let's not turn up my nose and think that i am not guilty or have not done it as well. Oh yes oh yes. I like to know those that are further along in ministry than me, those that have been there and done that, those that are exciting because they know so and so. I love to know those people and think it is real fun. But if i can not love on those the same as me and those that have less than me, then i need to (at the least) step down from ministry and reconsider who I am and all He has brought me from or through. Getting too big for your britches will not work in His service!!!

Lord, you do not show favoritism and you command us not to in James. Lord, band together whatever you want for Your service. I want to be used and I want to bring Your Words to whomever and wherever you send me! I know there is no perfect church, nor a perfect ministry. And if there is and then i join up with it, it just became imperfect. Lord, you are perfect and awesome and show grace to all those who seek You and call to you! You bind up with brokenhearted and seal us for redemption. Oh Lord, how exciting You are.

Jesus - you did it again. I got my 2nd engagement in February that I was seeking You to bring. This one is in WV. Hopefully it will all work out and I can go. This is with a church that a couple started way back when Clint Pressley was my pastor in Charlotte, NC. Michelle's husband was called for ministry and they said yes!!!! So they have now planted a church in WV and hopefully i can go and minister to their ladies. Thank you Lord, - you did it again! She had heard about me from a friend of a friend - that kind of thing. Way cool!

Well, Valentine's was good. We did not get a new door, but maybe soon. We did get new shutters and some crown molding. Just one shutter and one strip of molding. Got to test it out. Kids are back to school - wooo hooo - and Clay has got a busy day of business. Lord, help me to see Your hand today and do as i am suppose to. I love you!

Please please sell our house in Charlotte. I give you that burden and pray you take care of it soon. I beg you Lord - lift that from Clay.

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Beloved said...

It's true! We all hate it when others think they're "too good" for us, but if we're honest we'll admit that we've done the same thing a few times ourselves which isn't right either. Most of our mama's taught us never to be that way, but it's more of a life challenge that we must fight to keep under control. I like your thoughts on this.