Monday, February 12, 2007

243 - Focus on Him

Good morning my Lord, thank you for a great weekend. Friday night Candi and I went to our first women's monthly social/fellowship and had a great time. The next 10 months are going to be wonderful and very exciting. They left everything a surprise and with great anticipation. Then Saturday the big kids had their basketball games. Emmajoy jumped around like a cheerleader on the court, but actually did well. She made one basket just in the nick of time. Tucker played really well. I was impressed because I have seen him before. He took the ball to the hole and loved break aways. They don't keep scored nor do they call fouls as far as for shooting purposes and i miss that. I think it is good for a kid to know if he wins or loses. But anyway it was great fun and i loved every minute of it.

That evening our neighbors the Carnes came over and had dinner with us. They also go to our church and our kids live at each others houses - Cliff is the principal at the high school. They are great people and have a vision much like ours for church and Norris City. You don't think God is in the details, just sit back and let me tell you all the knitting He is doing since we have moved back. He is incredible. Today I am meeting Rachel at McDonald's and then we are going bowling. My house is turned upside down again due to some painting and so i need to get the kids out of the house. We are turning our darkest room bright. Yeah! But tonight Clay and I are going to celebrate Valentines. I think we are going to buy a new front door and some paint for the shutters. Sounds great to me!

I have finally figured out what I miss the most. Yes, Panera, friends, convenience, Target, big church, etc. - all of that - yes. But what i miss the most is spiritual fellowship. I miss not having a Sunday School class. I miss not having ladies of any age come into my house and study the Word. I miss not having an in depth Bible study to pour into with friends. I miss getting on my face before the Lord crying out to Him with girls from my college and singles group. I miss approaching the Lord in numbers but intimacy! I miss it so bad! That is one thing that I feel like i was very consistent in - having people over to my house at the wee hours of the night after everyone had gone to bed to pour our hearts out to Him! Oh I miss that!

So what are we going to do to make that happen - this summer I am going to do Believing God with a group of people. Whomever wants to come can and we are going to jump right in. Many of friends work full time job, but many are teachers. So this summer i think will be a great time to do this! I can hardly wait. In the mean time, Clay and I are pondering some other things to do with other couples. I am excited to see what You reveal Lord!

As i have said many times my new church is different from what i am used to. But what I love is their focus. We have at least 30 minutes of worship before each service. This worship is like none other i have ever seen. It is like each person is in their own world just focusing on Him and praising Him the best they know how. It is incredible. Every person has their own way of worship. Some raise hands, some have a dance with their hands, some have such a peaceful appearance is as if they are looking into the face of the Lord, some go to the alter, some lay down before Him. Yes, some speaking words i can't understand, but it is their focus i am just amazed at. It is the freedom and focus that I love and want for myself. I do not think these folks think one time in worship what another might person might think of their worship. Our worship director never opens his eyes the whole time he is leading us. I love it - they take me right up to the Holy of Holies and I never want to leave!

So this past week and this weekend I understand what He is telling me to do. Focus. At first when You said it Lord, i was confused. I thought what do i do every morning and many times throughout the day. But as i have read back over my QT in my blog it seems to me that i have been focusing too much on me. I am asking for forgiveness - and I must do that - but I am not enthralled in You like I should be. I want to be crazy over You. I am, but I want more of You.

So this morning I was lead off the beaten path to Ps 34. It is beautiful and full of so much focus on You. I extol You, praise always on my lips, boast in the Lord, glorify Him, seeking the Lord, those looking to Him are radiant, He encamps around us, Lord is good. I mean it goes on and one with a focus on You and none other. I love verse 18 - "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Father - You are always so close and so evident in our lives. If we will just stop and take time to spend with you. Lord, allow my focus to be one of just me and You. Allow me to be mesmerized by Your love. May devotion to You never falter or be shaky! May my focus be so tightly aligned with Your ways and thoughts. I want to see You high and lifted up!! I want to love You more and I want more of You!!! Thank you Lord!

Lord, you did it! I prayed for 2 more events to be scheduled in Feb. and I received the last one last night over email. One i am not sure I will do, but the other is a must!!! Thank you Lord. Your faithfulness is incredible!! I Love you!

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TammieFay said...

Thank you Leigh for your sweet comments on my page. This is all so new for me and it's an absolute BLAST! Aren't we just having the most fun with Beth's Blog? Our God is so creative! I so enjoy reading your post.

Looking forward to more conversation...