Thursday, February 22, 2007

Norris City, Il. Around Town

This is Doug's Gas Station, etc. This is owned by the people i work out with
everyday, Dave and Candi Dale. Awesome people - some of my favorites!

I have thought an underground house was interesting idea...

This was the original Grade school as "they" call it. It is now a behavioral school.

I found this house the other day driving out to Alisha's. To me, this is one of the
nicest houses in all of Norris City. Picture can not even do justice. Awesome!

That would be 1106 population now that we have moved in.

That is if there are even that many here. I would be willing to bet...

This house is what I have voted as most mysterious, scary, and most potential of all Norris City.


This is my daughter Elleigh's beloved daycare on Mondays from 9-1.

This is a huge tractor dealership - I think that is what you call it - in town.

This is the kids "grade" school. Just one wing!!

This is my church - Crossroads Bible Church.

This is a restaurant in town that I love - Cardinal!
This is the Wonder Market. Used for those things i forgot to get at Wal-mart.

Here is our daily exercise - walk to the Post Office.

This is American Beauty where i get my nails done, kids haircuts,

and hopefully mine soon!


Valarie said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I love it! Everything seems so sweet! Sort of like where Jimmy grew up. Makes me wanna come visit! We miss you!

C.C. said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for the tour of your town. I am glad to hear that you all are getting settled in. Take care...C.C.