Thursday, February 22, 2007

254 - Facing More Giants

Lord Jesus- the kids and I had a semi-family night - Clay was not here as he has been in Key West all week laying around in the sun, I mean, working. ha ha We went to church, but something happened or we didn't get the memo it was cancelled or something, so I remembered the Valentine's reading at the Library and we went there. It was a cute time, but not for Tucker of course. You know he is really old and mature - whatever! So the kids and I came home and made cookies and watched American Idol. After that was over we settled in for Facing the Giants. It was so good!!!!!!!!! I mean one of my new favorite movies.

I cry during American Idol always and then I boohooed all the way through the movie. I was very "tear" cleansed when I went to bed. It is so good to have a good cry every now and then - I really think so. But what i love so much is when I see the moms and dads embrace their child after a performance or one was crying when her daughter belted out the first note. I love to see anyone living out their dream. Oh it just breaks me down so much. I get so emotional. My momma does the same thing when she sees me speak. It is great!

My other favorites are Hoosiers and A Few Good Men. I love to see anyone beat the odds and rise above. Do things they are not suppose to do and then given a new respect due to that accomplishment. I love it. They all make me cry. I cry in Hoosiers when the chaplain comes in and reads David and Goliath. I cry when Tom Cruise takes his big gulp of water and then proceeds to make Cor. Jessup admit to ordering the code red. I love to see the underdog win.

Lord Jesus - I just again want to thank you for all you have done for me in the past few months. I have really enjoyed this move and have been so blessed. I am still working out at the most 2 generous people's house in the world - Dave and Candi! I have never met anyone like them. They have an open door policy and would never reject a soul. Candi is always giving hugs, and love, and treats - just incredible person. David is more of a quiet giver. I woke up one morning and there was a snowblower attacking my driveway - unasked!!! Wow, it was great - that was some machine! His RAK - random act of kindness - inspired Tucker and he went next door and shoveled our neighbors' driveway - with Clay prompting. That is the way Christians are suppose to work. We bless others and in turn it makes them want to bless another and sometimes that blessing falls back on us!! It was such a beautiful thing! He always takes care of us!

I am also still running after school on most days with Alisha. Courtney has started coming as well and that is great too. It is our never ending saga to lose weight. I am still trying hard and think I have made some progress - let you know a little bit later. Alisha is amazing. She is quite the energetic woman! She runs FAST, talks to me the whole time, talks to all those we pass, and listens to her IPod all at the same time. It nearly wears me out just watching her before i even jump in. I love it. She really pushes me - hopefully I will start running so fast that my bottom will just jump off because it can't keep up - I wish!!!!!!!

We still do our walks to the Post Office and I don't need to blog anymore about my church. The people around here are so very kind. My in laws are great to help at certain times and yet have been really good about allowing me to learn the ropes on my own. I have also had a great sitter and are using another one on Friday. Kids enjoy the school. We have a PTO meeting tonight and I really want to get involved. Weather is getting warmer - I am not sure if it is here to stay - and the sunshine is beaming in the windows. I just can not thank you enough Lord for making things so great and the transition so smooth! The "Moving" Giants is one the Lord has faced and conquered for me - Praise You!

So today, we are out of school. They had to turn off the water through the town for some reason and so the kids had to be out of school. I guess we might venture to Carmi or something. We don't have to go anywhere, but we can't really use our bathrooms either. I need to clean really quickly before it is turned off. Clay comes home today around 3pm. Yeah!! We are going to live outside today. I love it. I love you Lord. Prepare me for tomorrow's message - the Role of the Wife - I need to think of a better title.

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Anonymous said...

Leigh - loved the photo tour of your town - oh my - how different! And I can so relate to crying about seeing people reach their dreams, or at least go for them. Love you -mel