Monday, March 12, 2007

269 - Sisters

Getting to sleep was not as easy as staying asleep.

Rules for the clubhouse. This was a joint effort.
It was funny - they freely gave out the password. They are like me - love a crowd!!
This was the arrangement all weekend. I love little girlies!! Tucker loved freedom!

I never had a sister so this "sister" thing is so new to me. I love how my girls play with each other 24/7. Sarahjane can not wait each day for Emmajoy to get home so they can play. They don't all share a room right now, but I have plans for that. I know they will fight, they already do, I mean cat fights, but yet the love between them all, even Tucker, is awesome. So why do we even need a friend sleepover when we can have our own little party, clubhouse, and sleepover. I just loved this!!! How long will the love last between them all?


Valarie said...

I have 2 older sisters and let me tell you that this love between them will last their entire lives! They'll "hate" each other for a season but their bond is one that will be like no other. And Tucker will be their hero! I have 1 older brother too by the way!

My sister gave me a piece of art for Christmas that says "Having a sister is like having a best friend around for your whole life." It's the truth! Eat it up girl!
I love ya.
V said...

These pictures are precious! How wonderful and blessed you are my friend! This warms my heart and makes me want to have another child so that Alyssa can have a sleep over with her sister or brother. Your girls are beautiful! Love and grace to you my sister in the Lord! Tracy