Tuesday, March 13, 2007

270 - Settled in.

Lord Jesus - last night was a rough one. My Belleigh Bean, Elleigh, had the croup and coughed or barked her head off all night. Needless to say, i did not sleep well. I remember when i was little and got the croup often, I always knew the next morning was going to be awesome. If you got the croup you had to go to Derrick's and get hot chocolate and hashbrowns to soothe your throat. That was a family restaurant in Palestine, Tx. that my family frequented and where my brother started his singing talent as the bus boy. Oh those are great memories, I can taste the hashbrowns right now. But in normal croup virus fashion, she is fine this morning or at least the barking is down just to a coughing hack or is that a hacking cough?

I am excited for today as it is suppose to be up to 76. I am going to live outside and see if i can get a tan - ha ha! The girls and I were going to go to Evansville, but no way when it is this pretty. Clay has gone to Chicago, but only for a short trip. Someone said to him yesterday, "I wish i had your job." implying he had a cushy job. When he is home he is home, but when he is gone, he is gone. No one sees all the 3am or 4am times he pulls to get to the airport, etc. I just replied to Clay - now you know how a stay at home mom feels. Many people have asked - what do you do all day??? I reply with just sit, watch TV, and eat bon bons. I don't like to sit and do nothing. I hate watching TV, but let me tell you - girl could eat some bon bons! hee hee Well enough of the rambling.

2 Sam. 2:3-7 Our man David, wives (still not sure about that), and his "army" have settled down in Hebron. This town has so much history. Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, etc.......... I love the word settled. I can see David stretching out in his recliner (we call ours big blue) and taking in a deep breath. Exhaling a "Praise You, Lord. We finally have a place to call home and plant our feet." I feel much of the same way about my new home. God has blessed me with some many wonderful friends and opportunities that i can stretch out at the end of the day and exclaim, "The Lord has been so good to us." I am especially thankful I am not sharing my new home with 2 husbands or worse another wife and husband. Now that would be too much! ha ha

In verse 4 it states in one sentence that the guys from Judah came and anointed David as King. I think it is just interesting that there was no big party mentioned, no feast, no big anything. He was just anointed and made King over the house of Judah. The nation of Israel will be next, but for now it is just Judah. I wonder what David did? Did he collapse in years of exhaustion, did he scream like a girl with excitement, did he bow in silence, did he cry tears of joy, did he run around like a dog chasing his tail??? What did he do? I know he was praising, but how?? Worship is so different for each person. He was settled and now crowned. What a day!!

The last thing he did in normal David style, but just amazing to me when i get fleshy!! He commended the guys for giving Saul a proper burial and promised protection for them because of the kindness they showed Saul and his family. On a bad day, I would have probably been a little leery of their loyalty to me. If they did right to Saul, then maybe they were really looking to bury me next - that is if i were in David's shoes. But to Saul's dieing days and thereafter, David treated him as the king that he was, the anointed of God even though the Lord had left him long ago. David knew the graciousness of God that if Saul did get it right God might come and inhabit his body again. In if that did ever occur, I think David never wanted to be accused of taking down God's man. Just my thoughts!

Lord, help me to love an respect those that You have placed in positions. Help me to "be for" and not work against those in authority. Help me to be more of a David and all of Christ. May my life be a reflection of glory. Thank you for today and heal Elleigh, please. I love you, Lord.

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I found your blog through the Living Proof blog and I just wanted to say that I LOVE IT! I've added it to my list of blogs I like to read everyday!

Just wanted you to know!