Thursday, March 15, 2007

272 - Easy Change

Oh Lord - i am worn out. My Elleigh is still sick and running a terrible fever. Her cough has gotten much worse, i think, and just feeling so puny. She wants to be really close, either me holding her or sleeping with me. Holding her is wonderful because she is quite the "on the go" little girl and so that doesn't come as often as i would like. But i don't know if you will meet anyone more against kids sleeping in momma's bed. So her crawling into my bed burning up with fever and coughing her head off doesn't make for a peaceful rest since she wants to touch the whole night. One side of me is freezing while the other side of me is like a sunburn!!! We have got to take her in today. The rain outside matches my attitude!

I read my scripture this morning in 2 Samuel 3:1-39. It was like the short version of the tides turning and David being accepted as King all over Israel. Even though he was anointed and God had clearly laid out His plan, it did not come without great struggle and force. Isn't that interesting. This is like the very thing we talked about the other day. Paul received a Word as to what he was suppose to do or was going to do and he did not give up through much trials. Snake bit, ship wreck, lap of luxury, etc.......... He never quit or dismissed what he knew God had said was going to happen. He fought the good fight until fruition.

We see in chapter of 2 Samuel the same thing. David knew he was to be king. He knew "the plan". He knew who was the winner. He knew because he was connected. That is the bottom line for our lives. We can only fight and fight for what we know is right when we know what is right. How do we do that - we have to spend time with Him everyday. We can't just read a blog, listen to christian music, or even read a Christian book. We must come to Him with our WORD open and spend time with Him. We can't continue to fight if we don't know what we are fighting for or if He even wants us there.

Lord, guide me. I am running on low this week. It has been a good 3 years since i have not had full nights of sleep. It hurts - i never did well the first 12 weeks of my kids life. I don't know anything that hurts me more than lack of uninterrupted sleep. Don't have to have a lot of sleep, just has to be uninterrupted. Help me to hear from you. Thank you for the most recent blessing of speaking on a cruise. That was a dream #1, but #2 something that i thought would only come along in many many years. Oh thank you Lord for choosing me. I am pumped!!! Come friends, lets go away!!!

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