Thursday, March 29, 2007

285 - I am so MAD!!!!!!!!

Oh goodness - I have had my time with the Lord this morning and it was really good. But this morning I just want to post a few thoughts and ask for prayer.

I am so mad, well sort of!!! I vowed on Tuesday night that if Sanjay does not get kicked off American Idol this week I was going to stop watching. Honestly now, he is not a gifted singer AND there is no way i am going to stop watching. OK, not near as gifted as some of those that have been ousted already. Something is up, fixed, just ain't right... I am not that musically talented - OK, none at all - and I can even tell he is nothing to write home about. The "Simon" in me is coming out. Come on y'all, we have got to change things next week. The Mohawk boy has got to go!!

I have been given quite a honey-do list today. I was thinking that was something i was suppose to give him. How did it get changed around? It is OK - has me going shopping for stuff like seeds, gas cans, lawn mower oil, etc. He has got some faith in me that i can even find these things with 2 kids in tow!!! That could use some prayer.

Tomorrow I am going to speak in Effingham, IL. I will doing the Beauty and the Bedroom message again. Most requested of all. It is going to be a late night event open to all this church - ladies i mean - thank heavens. Rachel is going with me. We are leaving at 4:15 if anyone else wants to jump in with us. More the merrier. Please pray for open hearts, marriages ready for healing or improving, and God glorified BIG time!!

I am so excited. I got a brief email from my old youth minister, Dr. Ergun Caner. You have got to go to and check him out. He is way smarter now than when i knew him - he was always that smart, i just had no idea back then. He had just given his life to the Lord a few years before, converted to Christianity from Islam, and had Andre Agassi hair. He was way, way, way cool. He always made me feel like God had something special for me and that I would respond. He always would say things like - "Leigh, you WILL do the right thing, I promise. You just wait, He has got some neat things planned for you." At the time i just thought a really cool boyfriend or a good tennis scholarship or possibly a singing career. It is a long story. My goodness, my adventure with the Lord is way more exciting than i ever realized or hoped for. Didn't even know what to hope for or expect at 16. But all i did know is that this guy, Ergun, loved Jesus back then the way people talk about Beth Moore and her love for Jesus now. It was real and even those in the church were confused by it. He is one of my heros of the faith!!!

Well, that is about it for today. Lord, it is sunshining and beautiful. They keep saying it is going to rain, but I don't feel it or smell it. So who knows, certainly not the weather guys. Lord, I have 2 churches that are suppose to give me the results of their decision very soon. One in Green Bay and one in Chicago. Oh Lord, those are 2 places i have never been. Lord, would you please allow these to go my way. Of course, it goes without saying, Your will be done, but I have to just ask "for the record" - I would love to given these opportunities. Thank you Lord, for them just considering me. They are both pretty big churches and all. Lord, I am excited to see You work and bring more things this way. Lord, I am raising my hand like a student that has the answer or is wanting to be picked. I want to be used and I am asking for Your grace because i don't deserve it and am not worthy. Lord, thank you thank you thank you. I love you.


Sharon said...

Hi Leigh! I posted about Sanjaya this morning too. I have a funny You Tube clip on there. If you get a chance, check it out. :0) Blessings! ~Sharon

Nicki said...

I am with you!!! I REALLY think something is up with American Idol!! I don't understand it either, but it sure is tempting to vote!!! Do great tomorrow night! I'm praying for you!!

Nise' said...

LOL! I said if Chris S. gets voted off before Sanjaya then I am never watching it again, but I think I lied... It is frustrating with this votefortheworst campaign going on that quality people are going home.
Anyhoo, Praying for a great speaking weekend in Effingham and that you will soon be going to Chicago and Green Bay!