Wednesday, March 28, 2007

284 - Who Am I?

Dear Lord Jesus - good morning. Oh Lord, we are able to sleep with the windows down now that whatever it is was has stopped blooming that was killing my eyes and nose. I was actually awakened by the birds singing instead of my alarm. I love that. There must be one million birds singing praises to You today. There was a light rain last night and so I know Mr. Worm and his friends have come up to play too only to be snatched away by all the pregnant momma birds. Your creation is so wonderful and awesome. I know that when i forget to praise You or chirp for joy, your creation will make sure and bless you. Praise You Father - thank you for today.

Yesterday I had the neatest conversation with Andrea as we ran around and around the track, BUT in the wonderful sunshine. She recently told me all about her weight lose story and one she is still living and working through. It was incredible how you have worked through her life and she too is singing Your praises. She gave all the glory to You - it was quite inspirational and just such a God thing since my quiet time that very morning had been about accountability. I don't know if there was a spot light shining over us like on the show Touch by and Angel when the angel would speak a word from the Lord, but i felt like her words were coming straight from You Lord and words that I needed to heed and learn from. Thank you.

This morning I find myself in 2 Samuel 7:18-29. This is the prayer David spoke after getting the news from Nathan that he would not build the temple, but his offspring would and that he would enjoy a bit of peace after so much fighting and war. Well, maybe not peace as in no struggles to protect his people, but that God would keep his victories many more than his loses.

The first thing i see in this prayer is such a nugget to sit on all day. David has been told "no, but......". Instead of concentrating on the no and being upset with that answer, David is praising for all God has done in his life thus far and for all that He is going to do. This is a big no, yet David accepts it and goes on. He does not take a day to sit and mourn and pout!! No is the answer and it is still time to praise. Oh how i need to let that soak in. I was told yesterday from a church that they had decided to go with another speaker. At first I wanted to and did get sad and a bit discouraged. But even before this devotion, I felt the Spirit say to me, "Get your head up and be thankful for what I have given you thus far and what I have in store for you." Oh thank you Lord. Thank you that you speak to me, but thank you for Your Spirit and such kind gentleness. Lord, I just love you!!!

This prayer is much of what my heart screams out. I have a whole message entitled "Who Am I". It talks about wondering Who Am I that God would look my way with blessings and favor. Who Am I that He would allow me to be on such an incredible journey with Him. Who Am I that He would allow me to be His servant and speak His messages. The blessings were so immense for David - another nugget to sit on. David had been running for his life for a long time - i don't mean just lying low and not doing ministering events and stuff. He was running for his life, fighting wars, living in secret, - not any way a king would have to behave. But here we see David just singing praises and again not concentrating on the terrible past. I love verse 20 when he even refers to himself in 3rd person, "What more can David say to you". It is kind of like David having an out of body experience and can not even believe he is the one so blessed. He has to talk to himself, but in third person. I wonder if he had puppets on his fingers - ha ha!

David makes it very clear that he knows all this blessing and success is for God's glory - "so that your name will be great forever". Oh Lord, how blessed I feel. No matter what has happened in my life I feel a ton of blessing and favor from You. It is because of You that I get to minister at even one more church. If it all stopped today i certainly could still shout out a huge thank you and praise you. You are absolutely incredible. I want to make Your name famous and Your name to be great in the little things You have ordained for me to do. I don't mean they are insignificant, but you know who you are dealing with. Lord, I am astonished by the opportunities You have put in front of me to take part in. Like i said before, You know who you are dealing with. but You still do things through me and in me - in spite of me!!!! Now that is reason to shout!! Thank you Lord. I praise you and stand in honor of you.

"Your servant has found courage to offer this prayer" - verse 27b. and then David goes on to say with confidence asking the Lord to not stop the blessing and goodness. Oh Lord, I pray the same. Even though You do know who and what you are dealing with, I pray You continue to flow the blessing and favor. I am humbled by You goodness and mercy. May more and more opportunities come my way to bless You and give You honor and praise. May Yyou be praised in my house and my kids lift you on high. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Who Am I?

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Dori said...


I'm so grateful to have found you on the "usually mean for bad that God has turned around for good" World Wide Web!!!

Your posts are sometimes the type that I need to print out and sit down away from computer to read. I always feel like I need the Bible in hand. I praise Him for that and for your obedience in sharing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Don't you just love our God so????