Friday, March 30, 2007

287 - Are you Crippled?

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, my Savior. Oh the little birdies are singing so wonderfully again this morning. I just love that. Yesterday was such a wonderful day. I went to a new Wal-mart in Harrisburg and that was fun. Then came home and raked the yard - we have 4 million, gazillion gumballs - and then push mowed the whole thing. We came in for lunch and then right back out to just mess around and all that. It was then time to go pick up the big kids and that means going running next. We did our full 3 miles without stopping and I was pooped. Came home, made dinner, and then quickly retired for the day. I love going to bed just worn out. I sleep so good. What an awesome simple day!!

This morning I read the sweetest scripture. 2 Samuel 9:1-9 - This is where David was missing his friend Jonathan and wanted some way to bless and honor his friend even after his passing. So he asked a servant from Saul's household if there is any "kin" left living? The servant told David that yes, Jonathan had a young son that had been crippled when Jonathan was killed. It sounds like according to the scripture that he had been dropped in the escape or something that caused his feet to be crippled. See Chapter 4 in Samuel. Anyway - David brought the man to his palace in Jerusalem and from that day on showed him great kindness. This little guy sat at the king's table and lived in the palace from here on out. There were no Equal Opportunity Employers, no disability rights, nothing. In fact many times during this time, those with disabilities or retardation's were put to death or at least put where no one would have to see them or deal with them. So this son of Jonathan was really getting the Royal treatment...

My devotion asked who was it in our lives that is crippled and needs an extra measure of love. The person that sticks out the most is my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Larry. She is coming up on the year anniversary of her son, daughter in law, and 2 grandson being killed in a tornado. The real date is April 2. I am so sad for her. I can not imagine the pain and depression she has to be experiencing especially right now at the anniversary. But I do know of a King that wants her to pull up a chair and dine with Him. He wants her to sit with Him and cry on His shoulder. He is more than willing to be the Lifter of her head! He can do it. He may never explain this side of heaven why she had to endure such pain and heartbreak, but He is the one that can help her make it through and still have more joys in her life.

My Aunt Joyce is a believer. She knows where to draw her strength, but it is so hard. I talked with her the other day briefly. I know she wanted to get off the phone just to not cry one more time or for another person to hear her crying. I know she must be asking when the crying will stop, when the pain will lessen, how long will this misery be? I have no idea and no one can answer that for her. Why, why, why - that is OK to ask knowing that the answer may not come. Cry to Him, dine with Him, sit with Him, and allow Him to heal you - but even that is hard to say when you are one that has never experienced such pain and upset, utterly destroyed! Oh Lord, come to her these next few weeks. Be very, very real and encouraging. Even on the days she is mad and angry, Lord, be obvious and be just breath taking. Do something out of the ordinary in their lives for a turn around to begin. Do something incredible and something to make them point to You and make You shine!!! Do it Lord. I know You will, but then allow them to see it and know it is You and really experience it!! My favorite Aunt has been crippled and only You can help, heal, and show favor. Only you Lord. Thank you

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