Friday, April 27, 2007

312 - American Idol - Wednesday

Lord Jesus - I am seeing something all over the world and it has happened before (We are the World), but once again it is a tremendous thing! The other night on American Idol, the big night of giving back, was just incredible. It had me in tears the whole night. Not because of the the touching stories and precious faces, the hungry kids, but because the Hollywood pretty people were living out and actually doing Micah 6:8 and imploring me to as well. The first section of that verse says "act justly".

One of my favorite messages is called "But God what do your require of me?" I worked so hard on this series and maybe that is why it one of my favorites. But even more so because of the way God had me digging in the Word and scraping every morsel of wisdom i could find! Act Justly means to stand up for those that can not stand up for themselves, it means to right the wrongs that the Lord places in front of us, it means to see injustices and do something about them, it means to be a big brother or sister for even a stranger when not one tiny little thing can be repaid... Oh it is just such a beautiful thing. When those kinds of things are done, then and only then will you truly live out the joy of Jesus and be Jesus to whomever is in line to receive such blessing. This is the kind of thing that gives you the "oh yeah" feeling when you sit down at the end of the day. This is the kind of thing that has you waking up each morning saying, "Lord, to whom can i deliver Your blessing to today?"

Hollywood doesn't even know it, but this is exactly what they are doing. One of the things that tore me up so much was seeing Simon so distraught and moved to help. He seems so harsh and so confident and so hard, but he too has feelings and a sympathetic heart! Lord, this is the very time when we as Christians can be praying for God to reveal himself in a very real way to change those pretty people's hearts. I know, I know, I know there are some missionaries over there helping in those situations as well. They may have been the ones to get Hollywood into certain villages and "camps". They are the ones that know the languages and know where the most severe cases are. Wouldn't it be just like God to arrange such encounters. Pretty people coming to bring relief and help to the physically fallen and the physically fallen showing them the way to joy - that in which their missionary friends had done. I know God you are up to something. I am seeing this too much!! Oh Lord, whatever you need, I am here! I want to be your servant.

Another thing - I have a friend not to far from here that is Catholic. They have such an ongoing ministry to the streets and the less fortunate. Isn't that what Christ was about - why are not all denominations like this - sorry, tangent!! She emailed me yesterday to say that she was meeting with the Mayor of her city to see about getting more funding in the housing of the poor.

Here is a note from her........... I am in the process of trying to start a justice ministry at my church. When we first started this process last fall I had 40 people coming to meetings, and now we have dwindled to about 8 people. It is pretty disappointing. There were 6 people at our meeting last night. We are going to work hard to get interest again, and going on a phone-call campaign this weekend. We want our church to join a dozen other churches who are already active in this ministry, to create systemic change for social injustice. Currently their project is to create better housing for the working poor. The low income familes are spending over 50% of their income on rent, on average. This means less cash flow for utilities, food, transportation, etc. This means they are relying on charities to help them pay their bills. We are going to ask the mayor to help secure funding for the Housing Trust Fund, which has been in place for years but not funded since 2003. The Trust fund can help the low income families pay for their housing so that their income will go toward living expenses but then allow them to afford transportation to jobs, afford education to get better jobs, and afford daycare so that they can work.
So I've been busy trying to get people interested in this project. We plan on having over 600 people to the meeting with the mayor next week, coming from all different churches. It is pretty neat.

That is so cool - my friend is living out Micah 6:8 and does she even know it??? I think so. So Lord, what would you have me to do?? What can I do to live out Micah 6:8? Some things you call us to will be done in private and other things you call us to will be done in front of all. My church is having a free Memorial Day festival. We are hoping all those that have food and all those that have nothing will come and enjoy on our behalf. Come and have a full belly and joyful heart. It is going to great - please hold off the rain.

Lord, this is one obvious way to join You where you are working. I still will not forget the day you place Africa on my heart and said I will be going some day. I am open - just let me know when. Lord, exciting things are going on and I want to be part of it. Lord, help me to remain faithful and a girl you can trust. Help me to be faithful in the small things like meeting You first thing every morning... I must be filled with you first before I go any further! I love you!

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