Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday - What a Husband Wrote about His wife

I tell you what - if my husband ever wrote the following about me - well, i just won't tell you what.... wow, this is the man!!!!

What I love about my wife(written in Minneapolis airport terminal)

I love the smell of her hair when she takes a shower at night

I love that she has three pairs of red shoes

I love that her car is a complete mess and she denies it

I love when she makes a late night run to Sonic for a 44 oz.

I love that she has a jeep key chainI love that she knows who she is

I love that she never reacts out of spite towards another

I love that she hates when I use her deodorant

I love that she forgives those who hurt her feelings

I love that she tears out pages and pages of her Real Simple

I love that she dresses our daughter in pink

I love that she doesn’t wear pink herself

I love that Henry challenges her to be a better Mom

I love that her bible has a matching carrying case

I love that she leaves her bracelets on her gear shift or on the kitchen counter

I love that she never wants to run out of gas

I love her little toe socks

I love her champagne taste

I love when she can’t make a decision about big purchases

I love that she still has BIC pens from college in baggies

I love that her signature pose is to smile with all of her teeth showing and her jaw shut

I love that her real smile is completely different

I love that she is a picker

I love that there are no short stories

I love that no question is ever answered with a yes or no

I love her secret moo moo

I love that she puts peanut butter on her pancakes

I love that I’ve never seen her drink a glass of milk

I love that has blog friends called big momma and boo momma

I love that I now need an emery board when I clip my own nails

I love that she only cleans the house when Sarah is coming over

I love that I have more than three pairs of shoes

I love that she is into Pepperidge farms logs

I love that there is no such thing as a quick errand

I love that she introduced me to Fernando and Third Day

I love that she understands my connection to Bebo

I love that somehow Nordstroms is the only shoe store that has her size

I love that she didn’t want to buy a white car

I love that she took Pat diet coke with lemon and white popcorn every day

I love that I can laugh with her every night

I love that she always calls somebody on both their cell and home phone

I love that she tells them she is going to do that

I love that she does Henry’s puzzles

I love that she helped me with the last 10 pieces of my puzzle

I love that she has never had poison ivy

I love that most of my bachelor possessions are gone

I love that we keep the house at 73 degrees all year

I love that she thinks puffy coats are “in” for anybody over 25

I love that she picks Planters sunflower seeds over Davids

I love that Buz has no origin or reference

I love that most of my gifts get returned for something cheaper

I love her rebel earring

I love that she can’t have a baby without becoming constipated

I love her yellow delivery robe

I love that she will smile when she reads PAT BOOKER

I love how quickly she can enter a voicemail box

I love that she types faster than me

I love that Goo is not Henry for her

I love when she crawls in bed after I’ve already fallen asleep

I love when that wakes me up

I love that she wore scarves

I love that she knows about Kuby’s

I love that she and Henry go and see if Stanley (the mailman) came

I love that our weekends never go the way I think they will

I love that I’ve never seen her drunk

I love that each of her friends would want her as a pall bearer

I love that all her recipes require lots of melted cheese

I love that somehow we’re never out of shredded cheese

I love that she vacuums the tile/laminate rather than sweep

I love that she will second guess a lot of these things that make her so unique

I love that she is my wife and my lover

I love that she knows the Lord

love, Buz

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