Sunday, April 08, 2007


Lord Jesus - I have not been more excited about a Easter than this one in a long time. We are down in Mobile, Alabama going to hear my all time favorite preacher - Rev. Clint Pressley. He is a really young man of God that gets in your kitchen leaving great conviction. Then He brings you back to the loving grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus in a way like I have never experienced. He was our preacher for ab0ut 5 years back in Charlotte and then followed the call in Radical Obedience. He and his wife were the first ones in my life to really live out what they were preaching and talking abut. Oh it is awesome. Clint and Clay also happen to be best friends. They do marathons together and talk on the phone as much as girls. Clint has taught Clay and I so much about the Lord and living a real relationship with Him. This is a man to watch because he is going places. Within no time of even being at his new church, he was appointed he appointed to all kinds of positions throughout the state. He is an incredible man of God. He has the whole package. I am not praising Clint, but just trying to explain what a great guy he is. God has blessed him tremendously from my perspective because of his discipline. You don't ever have to guess if he has spent time with the Lord - it is a given and he expects that in your life as well. Clint is going to "bring the house down" today, lifting up Jesus and drawing all men to Him. I am so pumped. Go to his site and check out his preaching and his church................. Dauphin Way Baptist Church or I think you will be impressed.

Now Father - today is the day. Today is the day we went to the tomb and You were no longer there. I am sitting in a hotel room waiting for the kids to get up and things to get rolling. I don't sleep too well away from my bed - well actually not in a king size bed. Clay and I are not small people and so anything smaller is tough!!! - so I am already rolling just hoping someone else we come out of the sheets. I am so excited to praise you in a new church today. It has been so fun to see all the invitations to worship on signs as we drove down here. Oh Lord do something wonderful today like no other time. May be praise You that speeds Your coming back. May we see only Your glory and forget about all the other stuff. May our eyes only be lifted toward you and not the cuter dress the girl 2 rows over has on. Lord, may everything we do today be in remembrance of You. May my ears be quieted to hear your still small voice. May my lips be silenced to not speak anything but praise. May my hands be paralyzed upward as to point others just to you. May my feet be only walking in Your steps and at your pace. Oh Lord, may my heart be right to respond in obedience. Oh Lord, I want to see you. I want to know what you want of me. I want to be obedient. I am ready to do whatever it is you have - for today. Today I don't want to think about the further - i don't want to think about if i will be used ever again - i don't want to think about what others are doing - i don't want to think about anything but You. That would be a miracle to have that happen today and so i am begging that of You. Lord, move me!!!

Thank you for today and may you be so proud of Your people! My words are not near eloquent enough for you, but please accept my plea to see more of You. I love you.


{Karla} said...

Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter!!

And thank you for the compliments on my blog! I love your too!


CrownLaidDown said...


I'm thankful for you today! May God fill your life with good things...and fill your schedule in just the right way.

Have a great weekend with your family and thanks once again for blessing me with your blog.
In Him,