Monday, April 16, 2007

297 - Home again Home again!

Oh Lord oh Lord, how majestic is your name in all the Earth! Oh Lord, we praise You. Thank you for your peace and perfection and your purpose! Jesus Christ, I love you and am in love with you. Increase my love and my faith. Help me to do away with pride and only seek You. Make me more like you, I beg.

It is so good to be home again after being at the beach for a week. We had a couple of chilly days and then gorgeous weather. The cold never bothered the kids. They just jumped right in and had a wonderful time. I do have to say that many moments of the week were spent in deep thought, concern, and prayer for my blogging friend, Heather George. It in no way took away from our time in fact, it made it more special and precious.

Heather is the designer of my blog and her staff spiffed up my website. She is the co-creator of Moms of Grace and Faith Lifts. (Just Google those things, i am confident you will want to join, very cool and free!) Just an incredible group of girls. Well, Heather has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. They don't know if it is cancer right now or not. She goes to Mayo on the 26th for more consultations and biopsy. Heather is an incredible girl. You see, her daughter has a rare heart disease, only 60 diagnosed cases in the world, and that same child is severely autistic. She has 2 other children that have been through all the heart transplants, etc. with the other child. Her husband is wonderful and they have been through it. Now this. It just seems like things are not passes around equally at all. Oh Lord, she is hurting, and sacred. She is faithful and trusting. If you get a chance go to On her site there is a place to sign up to receive daily updates of what she posts. That is called Feedblitz. IT IS SO WORTH IT. Here is a sister going through the roughest of rough and yet she is still singing His praises and trusting in Him. She is not fake, she tells of her many tears, her fears, her anger, and her shakiness. But you have just go to see it for yourself. Oh wow - such perspective!

I have to wonder many times why it seems that some people get so much to go through. Can't it be passed around a little more equal. I mean I am in no way raising my hand saying, yes, I will take this or that, but it just seems that some people have way more than others. Why?? All I can say is that in Heather's case, He is being glorified. To me it is as if He was looking around the world for someone He could put through a "situation" (everything is just a situation when compared to the Cross) so that He would receive much glory. He knew without a doubt that Heather would not let Him down. He would receive much glory and she would draw many men unto Him through this experience and trial. That may be a crazy way to look at it and not the only option by far, but in our little minds of needing explanations it makes sense for today.

Lord, what can I do for my friend? I am praying and hurting for her. I lift her to you more often than not, but is there anything else in my little realm of the world that I can do for her? Lord, show me what it is. I will keep praying. Oh how this gives me such perspective on life. Time could be so short - we just never know.

I studied about David having Uriah killed and it just doesn't seem worth the time after all this with Heather. I am not saying the scripture is not worthy of mentioning, but that David's little problem of sin pales in comparison to this hurting sister.

Church was wonderful yesterday. It was so good to be back to awesome worship and praise time. Chad spoke about Sampson and Delilah. My only question - was it really Sampson's hair that was his strength or just the Lord or a combination. He was strong with the hair. His hair was shaved and he lost his power, but he also was dealing with some consequences to his sin. But then he got his power back briefly at the end of his life and it mentions that his hair was growing back. Interesting tid bit. Any thoughts anyone?

Please have a wonderful day. Count it a blessing just because He loves you no matter what you are going through. Man do I feel real selfish at this time. Lord, no personal requests today - just healing for Heather. Oh Lord, glorify You.


Dori said...


I'm so glad you are home and I can't tell you how my heart is breaking for Heather right now. Seems so strange to feel that way for someone whom I have never met. Yet, we are all His girls and sisters in this journey and so that makes it no so strange afterall.

I'm checking her website and commit to pray for her.

I, too, have often wondered why God allows some to bear so much. I believe He sees a totally surrendered heart and willing vessel -- one that will show His glory no matter what. Oh, to be that surrendered!!


Tracy Hurst said...

Welcome home! Thank you for sharing about Heather. I have seen many people blogging about her this week and I will also pray. God will be faithful! He is true to His Word and I will call forth her healing according to God's Word.
Much love to you,

Nise' said...

Welcome home! I am so glad you had a wonderful time of resting and refreshment!

I have been humbled and blessed beyond anything being involved in this blogging community of Christian women.

Debra said...

My heart is breaking for Heather as well. God is with her. Her faith is downright beautiful.