Thursday, May 17, 2007

2nd post - purse and 8 things

Now how very cute are those!!! These are hard to sell. I want them both!!! $25 each.

My friend Dori was tagged to tell a few things about herself. It was great learning cool stuff about her - personal stuff. So she asked me to do the same thing, but i don't know how to tag other people... I may never understand all this blog stuff!!! Help!!!!! So here goes...

1) I have gone to 7 different schools in my life - at least. I moved often and loved every move. Hard, but oh i loved it every time. Texas, New York, Indiana, Texas again, North Carolina, Illinois...

2) I tried out for Survivor. If i knew how to do You Tube I could show everyone my video I sent in. It is great. I use it for ministry lots! No, i was not called back.

3) I played college tennis and my tennis coach did not know how to play......... yikes!!

4) I have a brother 5 years older that lives in Kentucky. He is married and has 2 kids. My momma has always been my best friend and there is no one on this earth i want to please more than my daddy!

5) My son recently saw a picture of my husband and I camping. He asked me when it was and I just quickly answered - college. "Oh, I didn't know you could camp out with a girl in college", he responded. I even more quickly responded with - we were married in college. YIKES!!!!

6) I changed majors a thousand times in college and finally ended up with PE and PSY. I did make my boyfriend at the time, husband now, promise to marry me if i did get a PE major. You know what they say about PE teachers that are not married. YIKES!!!

7) I birthed 4 full-term kids in 5.5 years and that includes one miscarriage.

8) I have never lived anywhere longer than 11 years - Charlotte, NC.

Now a question for you all - give me 8 things about you.

AND, if someone leaves a comment on your blog and they leave it in a "non-reply blogger" are you expected to comment back and what do you do? What are blogger formalities??? If i comment back on my own comment page will they know to come back and see what i have commented??? How does this communication work??? Because if they leave it "no-reply" are they really not wanting to know or hear from me anyway??? Help the confused!!

Ok - that is it for today. Love to all.

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Nise' said...

I enjoyed your random things! I did this on my for fun blog check it out here and here.

Re your question about comments. If someone asks me a question and does not have a reply back, I try to answer it on their blog if I can find an appropriate place to do so, if not I answer in the comments where they asked and hoped they come back for an answer.