Thursday, May 17, 2007

330 - In Shock & Stuff

I am random this morning - beware!

Can you believe it - Melinda Doolittle is gone.......... Oh I am sad. I hope Jordan rides all the way home with the prize now that Melinda is gone. I think she is from a good family that has brought up a very thankful young girl. Now i will admit some of her tears do look a little forced when she is up their saying good-bye to her "friends", but I still do love her voice and LOVE, LOVE seeing her live out a dream. Besides Melinda, I cry every time Jordan sings because I know her momma and daddy must be so proud.

I hardly could get out of bed this morning. We worked out our legs so hard yesterday at the Dale's - great workout, but ouch!!!! Then I went running with my friend after school and could hardly be any good. Had to walk 2 times... Then Andrea called and we went running too. Wooooooooooohhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo - my legs hurt, but a good hurt. But I weighed in yesterday and have lost 10 pounds. Yippee skippee!! I hope I have not jinks myself! ha ha

My son came home telling me a teacher told him she wanted me to bring my purses up there at the end of school. How cool would that be. I have the book publishing and non-profit status to pay for real soon - so this could only help tremendously. That is kind of her to think of that for me. I have the money saved up for those 2 things, but it will pretty much deplete everything so that would help put a tad back in. PS- I got the cutest 2 new purses yesterday... I will post them later.

This morning I was in 1 Kings 1:1-31 - this is great, these are some different rules than we have today... The king, David, was feverish i guess and they couldn't get him warmed up. So the scripture says that they went all across the land of Israel to find him a beautiful young woman that could keep the king warm. He is old and a young thang is suppose to keep him warm. I think i have heard it all now. Sounds a bit like the Anna Nicole thing... Anyway, it does say that he did not have "relations" with her, but neither did Clinton. My how history truly does repeat itself. Another dude has come to claim kingship since David is old, tied up in bed, and has not named another king successor. So Nathan tells Bathsheba she needs to go talk with David and let him know what is going down and remind David of the oath her spoke to her of Solomon becoming the next man in charge. Bathsheba walks in and the scripture even make mention of the lady "attending" the king and Bathsheba still bows. All i have to say is that it is a good thing I was not born in those days. There would be some cat fighting...

OK - back to being spiritual. My devotion asked me how I felt about growing old and all. That is a funny question. I don't think about it that much unless I am thinking about time running out to minister and what else I could be doing. I did receive a Woman of Faith advertisement the other day and think - now do I really want to go to that? Anita Renfro looked like the youngest one and I pretty sure she is well into her forties. Is that old, no!!!!!!! In fact it is younger everyday, but their audience is quite young. So I thought the whole thing was very interesting. Their speakers are getting on up in age and wondered when they might want some new blood, but not necessarily youngest blood. I happened to raise my hand in my living room in case someone was listening in on my thoughts. Just being silly, but that would be a dream of mine. How fun and exciting! Those speakers have a bazillion times more knowledge and experience than i could ever give. God has His hand on them and has used them mightily for a good long time. He must be pleased! --- I also read an article about Passion going to other countries. That kind of made me sad because it is such a phenomenon here in the states - a much needed thing. I totally trust the leadership of that organization and i am sure they are following the Lord, but why close up shop here. I am hearing from more and more college students on my blog. It is really cool - they love Jesus with much passion!!! Anyone want to start a different Passion while they are overseas?? Just another dream.

But the scripture message I received today was again about not quitting. David was old, "tied up in bed", but still king. When he was presented a problem he quickly did all he could to make it right even from the bed. We know from the Bible and history that Solomon was the next king. David made sure of it. So even from my bed I hope that I am still able to do things for the kingdom to the very end. Lord, I hope you still find me useful to the end. I have been very random today... I guess that what happens when there is not a solid uninterrupted time with Him. Lord, help me to get out of bed and back to my 5:30am routine. I miss it... Discipline!! I don't have a lot planned for today. We are going to have a ham and bean dinner which i am so excited about. We didn't do that in Charlotte and I don't really remember eating it growing up. We also have cooked cabbage - yep, Mom, even i am growing up and eating my vegetables. Keep speaking Lord and help me to open my ears!! I love Lord Jesus!


Nicki said...

I AM IN TOTAL SHOCK TOO!!! What is America thinking!!! AHHH. She will still be awesome though! And Jordan......she is just a beautiful person! She'll do awesome too!!

WHOO HOOO for you and your ten pounds!! Awesome Leigh!!

Melissa said...

Did you see Melinda's shirt last night. I believe it said "Death Cheater" and had a cross on it. It was hard to tell, though.

I love reading II Samuel. Sounds like you're having great devotions.

And your purses are TOO cute!

How's your 40 by 40 memorization going?

Random comments...huh? ;p

Melissa @ Breath of Life

pinkmommy said...

I am so mad about Melinda that I almost don't want to talk about it, but I will anyway :)

She is, in my opinion, the best singer AI has ever seen. She deserves to win. But, she will still go far. I know I will by her CD AS SOON AS it comes fact, I wonder if I could reserve it on amazon or something.

If it can't be her, oh how I wanted it to be her, it better be Jordin. I am not really a texter, but I know how to make a call! As soon as voting opens next week I am voting for Jordin and I won't stop until voting closes! Jordin is super sweet, adorable, and has an awesome voice...especially for 17!!! Go Jordin!!

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh - Just wondering - what devotional book do you use? It seems to pose pretty interesting questions....