Friday, May 04, 2007

318 - Lord Have Mercy

Lord, you are the great and powerful Father - you are the lover of my soul - you are the one that calms the seas and heals the sick. I coming to you today asking for healing on my family and myself. I have had strep throat since Tuesday and it has been the worst kind i have ever had. EJ had it all last week and SJ started 2 days after her, but did not respond to the medicine. We changed her meds and now she is all better - for today. I had a good night, I guess. I had to change my PJ's 3 times last night because my fever kept breaking. Sorry for that, but yes, it was gross. So now i am just hanging out with just a tad of fever and my coughing has diminished somewhat. I will still be speaking tonight!!!

But now, my littlest Elleigh has come down with a relapse. I just checked her temp and we are back to 102. She is so sweet when she is sick - kind of goes way back into baby mode. That is sweet and good when you yourself are not also sick. I tell you what - this house is a wreck. Clay gets home this morning, but I am not really sure he should be coming home. All we have to offer is strep, don't even have any milk in the frig. hee hee So off to the doctor again. This just beats all.

But i do have a praise, many praises! But specifically with blogging. It has come full circle with me. There have been times i have wondered if my blogging, even with scripture incorporated throughout the posts, has hindered some people from growing in the Lord. It is easier to just get up log on and read what someone else did through hard work i might add. And count that as time spent wit the Lord. But for this week, I was not able to get up before the crack of dawn and spend time with Him. I was way too sick. (or at least i thought i was.) So i was able to log onto to various of my friends' blogs and receive spiritual encouragement and inspiration. For me it energized my soul to make it through one more day. I guess what I don't want to happen is for others to get stuck doing that as i have had to do this week. It is a great way to start having a devotion, but I pray that others will develop a desire to do their own and spend time on their own with Him. That is where the joy is, that is where the peace is, that is where the contentment is................ in time with Him!! I am not passing judgment, oh please hear that, i just want for everyone to have the desire to do their own thing as well. But in "sick week" praise God for blogging that can encourage one another.

But for me the blogging world came full circle. I am ministering to others when i post and this week the blogging world ministered to me and that is what Christianity is all about. Giving and giving and giving until it is your time to receive. I have received a blessing this week. Would i want to go through strep again to realize this - uh no!!! But i am so thankful for the world of Christian bloggers!

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And many others that I just can not think of right now cause all my brain cells are fried chicken!

Love to all and looking for even more beautiful days! He is so good!!!!


Dori said...

My sweet new friend, who I only know from the words she types and her voice from a CD this week, has blessed me tremendously through the message that you have given her. She speaks truth and she speaks with authority -- the authority that You give us through the study of Your Word. I pray now that you heal her and heal her family. You knew she had this assignment and you knew that the enemy would love to trample on it, so I just know that You have something great about Yourself that is going to revealed as Leigh walks in obedience to do the job You have called her to do. I ask You to empower her to push this with faith -- faith that Your Word is living, active, energizing and powerful and it NEVER -- NEVER -- returns empty but ALWAYS -- ALWAYS -- accomplishes the purposes that you intended. I pray that when she steps up tonight she will receive a SUPERNATURAL sense of Your Holy Spirit as she speaks the words that You have given her. She is Your girl, Lord. She has surrendered to You -- You know that full well. I pray that when she speaks tonight it will not be the words of a woman, but the very oracles of God!!


I Peter 4:11 (Adapted for you, Leigh)

"When Leigh speaks, she will do it as one speaking the very words of God. When Leigh serves, she will do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen." (1 Peter 4:11)

Nicki said...


Praying for God to give you the strength you need to do an amazing job tonight!!! Sorry to hear you all are so sick.......I know how hard it is, but I can't imagine having to put on the speaking hat too with strep throat!! I'll be praying for you today and tonight!!!


CrownLaidDown said...

AMEN Dori..I'm agreeing with your prayer over Leigh.

Leigh, thank you, thank you, thank you! For the sweet extra wallet, which I LOVE...for the kind words, which I take to heart and turn it up to Him...GLORY!

May this weekend bring you me, may you see evrything as more beautiful and the Lord as more wonderful, as you have reached the light at the end of your family's sick tunnel. Oh, I have been there...
Love you so much in Jesus,

CrownLaidDown said...


It is so bee-u-ti-ful! Bless the hands that made it, Lord! Smiling hugely...

Nise' said...

No need to tell you I am praying, I am! I have learned to have my quiet time BEFORE I check out my dear sistas blogs. If I don't I will find myself caught in the trap of not going directly to Him first. Thank you for the reminder dear friend! I agree that it is awesome to have that opportunity when or whatever reason we can't get alone with Him first! And an awesome way for those just seeking or beginning their journey to find encouragement and motivation to develop their own routine with the Lord... Oh, the words are not coming out right... I hope you know what I mean. I will STOP. talking. NOW!