Monday, May 07, 2007

321 - On the Rebound, I think

Oh Lord, have mercy!!! We are still battling here at the house. My son finally was the last to get it and my husband was just a few days before him. This is absolutely incredible. I ended up going to an urgent care yesterday and got a shot, another oral antibiotic, and cough syrup. Oh I slept so good. I am still very, very weak, but do feel better. Just shaky and weak. I have to speak again this Friday at my home church. They have been so wonderful to pray for us, check on us, and love on us... My friend Alisha braved it all and came and got the 2 older girls and had them spend the night on Saturday. Oh that was so pleasant. So, I guess we will lay around for a little more today and pray every day is better and better. Clay is on his way to the urgent care!!! Oh i pray they give him the same wonderful treatment i got!!!

Father I am so ready to get up early, spend lots of time with you, and then be normal!!! Please, some day soon!


Debra said...

I know the feeling.

Nicki said...

I know this may sound extreme.....but have you tried praying healing scriptures around your home? I had a friend that did that and it really worked, she had a similar situation, everyone kept passing it back and forth.......just a thought, I'm praying for your strength today! I know you must be exhausted. Take care!!!

Valarie said...

Girl, I'm glad you're at least able to get up and type! Praying for MAJOR healing around the Gray manor! Love ya and will keep liftin' you up this week.

So glad to hear the report from Friday. God is good girl!
Love ya.

Nise' said...

Will continue to pray for complete healing and this strep to leave everyone's bodies and never return!

Read this in my devotional book thought I would share it with you.
"Even if we've drained all the human resources around us dry, He is our inexhaustible well of living water"

CrownLaidDown said...

Oh Leigh, I'm so glad for your relief and for recovery on the way...praying for your son to get well quickly.

May He cover your family and keep you in His loving care,