Friday, May 18, 2007

333 - 2nd Chances

Oh Lord, what a good quiet time this morning. 2nd chances - reason to shout! 1 Kings 1:32-48 we see Solomon being anointed and then actually sitting on the royal throne. David ends the day bowing to worship in his bed. He is too weak to get to the floor, which is his usual position of worship - so says the commentary - so he must worship in his bed. Love that.

But I have to think back for just a minute... David was not "the" choice for the king. He was young and small and the youngest of all these big brothers - just a shepherd boy. But that is who God wanted and that is how it was!!! Oh I just want to praise the Lord about that. I may not be the greatest or most perfect choice for many of the things He allows me to do, but He has His way. I may not be the most educated, may not be able to translate much Greek and Hebrew, may not even be related to a big spiritual name - you know connections help - I am not even the best dressed if that matters - but He still lets me do a thing or two. With David I know He saw a heart willing to go the distance, a heart wiling to say yes, a heart willing to admit the wrong, a heart willing to accept discipline, a heart willing to pursue the Lord with passion and abandonment, a heart willing to praise and go where no man has gone before. Oh Lord, that is the kind of heart I want. I want a heart searching after You in such a way that I have no desire but for you!!! Oh Lord, give me a second chance.

A second chance is what we see revealed in Solomon. I am sure there are some bitter people looking up the palace windows in the day and not understanding why God would allow a child of adultery to become the next king. I have to admit there are some people in ministry that I often wonder why God has given them such "success". Oh how terrible and judgemental that is of me! Oh Lord forgive me. You have your ways and your purposes and they are always perfect and way beyond my reasoning! I thought it was neat that Solomon even rode in on a mule. No, not a donkey like our King, but it was not a stallion or huge chariot - just a mule. Could there be some foreshadowing of the coming King - I think so!!

God, Holy Father - you are so wonderfully awesome. Thank you for the second chances, third, and fourth, etc. Lord, take me and change my heart of bitterness. Change my heart of resentment. Change my heart of jealousy! Change my heart and make it more like you! Lord, I want to reflect your holiness, righteousness, loveliness - oh goodness the work needed to be done! Only You can make good of my sin and disgusting attitudes. Forgive me, Father - I repent and want to follow closer!!! Lord, I want Your will even if it is not what I am expecting or what I dream. Make my dreams Yours and let me follow after You with all my heart!!! I love you my Lord. I love Your ways!!! Help me to love you more.

Oh Lord, please allow there to be some ladies interested in the Beth Moore study. I just can not express to them how wonderfully awesome it will be... Lord, help me to not be disappointed or upset. I so want more women fellowship and digging into the Word together in Norris City. That is the number ONE thing i miss from Charlotte. Lord, help me to be patient. I love you!!


Toknowhim said...


Where do you live in Illinois? I moved (my first time ever) to Illinois from Florida 2 years ago. I live in the Springfield Area. Are we close?

I love your passion for the Lord!!!


CrownLaidDown said...

Hi Leigh,

I come by here every day too. I just find that sometimes, I get distracted by a little one or my comment gets lost and I never get back to say how I enjoy reading your blog!

BTW...My purse is so pretty! I smile everytime I see's also soft and just really nice.

I wanted to encourage you about your study. The first time I took a Beth Moore study was in 1996. The vibrancy of Beth mixed with the joy of each one attending got me hooked! I caught I'm praying that your ladies catch it, too! I have never been the same, since I met Jesus through Beth's eyes. Praise God for my sister! Praise God for you, too! So go and share His word to these sisters "NOT" in the Bible belt.

Karen said...

I love your blog! I get blessed each time I visit. I wish I could go to your Beth Moore study. But IL is alittle far from SC. I hope you ladies get your socks blessed off. :-)

God Bless~