Monday, May 21, 2007

335 -THE Instructions

Dear Jesus - what a great weekend and much needed. Thank you for all that You did. You are amazing. This morning's quiet time was filled with so much good instructions it is hard to begin to know what to type. I would love to say what David has "charged" Solomon to do over my kids, but at this point they would not have much of a clue of what I was telling them.

In the commentary it states that David lives 1 to 2 years of Solomon's reign. David had saved up for this very moment and is now revealing all he has ever wanted to say and do for his son. 1 Chron. 22 - David lays out all the physical preparations he has made for his son to build the temple and actually shows him all the materials. I would assume when God told David he would not be the one to build the temple because "he was a warrior and he had shed blood" David then got to work for the next person. I think that is really cool. What am I doing now that is in preparation for future generations of mine to serve Him? I would guess this blog may be used one day to encourage a grand kid or great grand kid. It might be used to help a daughter in law or something along those lines. But what else??? I need to think on that one.

So then we go on to 1 Chron. 28 where David gives the spiritual charge - how to be successful kind of talk to Solomon. Oh this is so good.

Verse 8 - Be careful to follow all the commands of the LORD your God, that you may possess this good land and pass it on as an inheritance to your descendants forever. - I like that. To me that is an example of God blessing us because there has been obedience. Follow the commands - obedience - and that you may possess the land - blessing. It is virtually impossible to to say God gave me this because of this good deed. Just like it is impossible to say I am going through this rough time because of this disobedience. I do believe there are times He will reveal why He is doing something or allowing something to happen in our lives, but not always. There are times I bless my kids to keep them on their toes and wondering why did she do that. And of course there are the times I give to them because they were obedient and I want to reinforce that behavior - that may not come around for some time again. ha! But there are also times I allow the kids to get in trouble - forgetting their book bag - slightly getting hurt or embarrassed to teach them a lesson. They may not know it was me allowing them to go through whatever, but over time they hopefully will learn from their actions. I don't think I am making any sense. Bottom line for me - 'cause sometimes it is difficult to know if there is disobedience or if Satan has been allowed to "toy" with us.... bottomline - it is about our reaction. It is how we react to the tough time, the rough situation, the difficult person, not the figuring out how it came about. Our what we do with the blessings................. I better move on.

Verse 9a - "9 "And you, my son Solomon, acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts." David is first of all saying - Serve who your daddy served. May not have been perfectly - you were part of that imperfectness, but look what He has done for me and how He has turned things around. Acknowledge Him - yes, but also serve Him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind. Wholehearted devotion is so very important and the author said it meant with an undivided heart - and uncut stone was the word picture. But the other thing that really rings in my ear is the "with a willing mind". I know right now that my kids serve the Lord or at least worship Him because that is what they see and how they have been brought up. They do it because I have taken them to church and that is what everyone else around them is doing while we are there. But to serve with a willing mind is a whole 'nother ballgame. Oh how i pray that my kids will serve the Lord and have a relationship with Him - a real relationship. But I want them to serve and love and devote to the Lord because they want to - not because they are being forced. I want the Lord Jesus to be their own God and not mommy and daddy's God. Oh Jesus - how can I do that?? I am not about to sit on the sidelines and just let them come to a conclusion of what is best or what sounds like the best choice. No way - I am going to show them in every way possible that serving the Lord Jesus is the most rewarding, most fulfilling, most peaceful, most contenting, most forgiving, most wonderful thing ever!!!! I am going to persuade them in every way possible to "go with my God". Now how deep and intimate they go in their personal relationships - I can not control, not that i have any control over any of the above!!! But to serve with a "wiling mind" - oh yes Lord Jesus that is the prayer of my heart for my kids this morning! Thank you!

Today is quite a busy day. Got to start unpacking and washing clothes - yuck! Got to take the LU Lu dog to be "fixed". Got to go to the bank and all kinds of stuff. I knew it would happen and it did. I sent 2 ladies the wrong purses. Sent on lady a tan purse and sent another lady a blue one and it was suppose to be the other way around - ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel terrible! And so much more to do as well. Wow - off to a great day!! All about reaction!

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CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for you, friend. Grace is all over that thing...keep on walking. I have shared your purses with some friends, so I hope you'll be hearing from them soon! God Bless you, Girl!
Love in Him,