Monday, May 21, 2007

336 - 2nd post - LET"S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a break in January???????? How about a cruise?????? Sounds good to me!!! is the main site now for the Girlville Getaway Cruise page now. All banners take you there.

The is working and so is the reservation form on line.
Everyone can register and pay on line now too, PTL!

Click here the link for the banner:

Come on everyone - It will be an incredible time. Husbands are welcome even though I will not be bringing mine. Bless his heart - 4 kids by himself. Spiritual renewal, awakening, and rejuvenating!!!!!!!!!! Let's go - come on!!! Send this to any who might be interested - thanks!

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Dori said...

Okay -'s this for some "small world" stuff...

Kay DeKalb Smith (on the cruise roster with you) and I used to go to church together a million and a half years ago. And...

She was just at my church last month for a banquet that we have every year called "You're A Doll!"

Kay would not remember me from years gone by, but I think it is just crazy and wildly ironic that you two will be serving together on this cruise -- this cruise I wish I could go on.....