Monday, May 28, 2007

345 - Dreams

Ok - I have this idea, but I am not sure how to do it. I think they call it a meme or something along those lines. It is where you ask a question and then tag people to answer it or something along those lines.........

Yesterday in church we had another great sermon by Chad Everette!! It was about promises and speaking the Word and Believing!! So my question to you all is - What are your dreams? Not things that God has promised you, but things you dream about or things that you whisper in His ear. What are you believing God for? Be bold, Be Honest, Be courageous!

I dream of tons of teenagers at my house hanging out and worshipping, praying, discipling, etc.

I dream of having a new kitchen and my son his own room.

I dream of certain people in my life coming to know Him passionately!

I dream of ministering internationally.

I dream of publishing a book.

I dream of Clay owning his own business again.

I tag Valarie, Lucy, Dori, Nise, Patty, Karen, Nicki, Holly, and Boomama! Now how do i let them know - i don't know......... How does this work........... ok, here goes.....


Deborah said...

Loved that about dreaming, I bet you will be on the international speaking trips sooner then you think, remember all things are possible with our God. love always me

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh - What a great idea to share dreams....

I dream of my Dad and siblings accepting Christ.

I dream of my kids having an abundant life, growing in Christ and being effective disciples for Christ.

I dream of turning my art hobby (children's portraits) into a career.

I dream of my husband's business taking off and his employees taking some of the burden off his shoulders.

I dream of hubby and me taking a romantic vacation to Venice....

Nise' said...

I got your tag! You either email them or leave a note in their comment section and let them know you tagged them to play along if they would like to do so!

I posted mine. Check it out here

Nise' said...

Hi Leigh, Actually I post more on my other blog, but lately I have been "tagged" alot and I post those on my for fun blog. Although, this meme really should be on the Thus Far one since it is more faith related. I think I will put it there as well!

Sharon said...

This is a great MEME. I was tagged by 'Nise --what a blessing. Some of the tags are more of a chore than a blessing.
I see you tagged two that I tagged so I will have to go back and make a change or two. :)
We share some friends--how nice.

Lucy said...

I dream of one day being able to read Leigh's blog without squinting my eyes really tight and placing my face a half inch from my computer monitor. HA! I crack myself up! Am I the only one seeing this blog in really, really, REALLY tiny type?!?

I dream of the day that God resurrects Tyger Baptist Church from the dead or gives me permission to find another church that is on fire and passionate for Him.

I dream of the day that I'm living out my grandmother's legacy and teaching my grandbabies about Jesus.

I dream of selling this doublewide and the 32 acres that it sits on (it's on the market), paying off all of our bills and buying a "real" house in a nice neighborhood.

I dream of the day when I get to the place where I don't care what people think and pray that God doesn't make me live in this double until that day : )

I dream of the day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

I dream of the day when I walk into Heaven and God looks my way, smiles and says, "That's my girl!"

I dream of the day when I'm facilitating an "Overcomer's In Christ" support group for women recovering from pain pill (and other) addictions.

Deborah said...

Leigh girl I did it take a look at my dream for the future. love always me

Patty said...

Hi Leigh!
I have been wondering and praying over your Believing God study. How is it going? I am believing God for at least 5 women to come to your house!

I am going to do this meme.

Have a blessed week!

Susanne said...

Thanks for starting this meme (I was tagged by 'Nise). It has really allowed me to get to know some of my blogging sistas better, not to mention it was totally empowering just to give my dreams a voice as I publicly submitted them to my King. Have a great night!!