Monday, May 28, 2007

344 - Worthy is the Lamb

This is one of my favorite praise songs EVER! (If anyone from my church reads this, don't you know our piano player could belt this out so beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to figure out her name.)

This morning I found myself in Jer. 33:22 - "I will make the descendants of David my servant and the Levites who minister before me as countless as the stars of the sky and as measureless as the sand on the seashore.' " My current devotion on David ended with the promise of more to come. Jesus - He is more than enough. Oh Lord, if i am honest I get myself into such a pickle of feelings because I don't understand nor comprehend your majesty or holiness or awesomeness. I am so excited to worship you forever, be in your presence, bow before the throne and meet everyone else in heaven, but then I struggle with all the things yet I have not done here on Earth. Like being a Grandma, seeing the kids get married and grown, living old and gray with Clay, seeing what else God's has for me in ministry, etc... I guess that is the flesh and not truly understanding how menial those things are compared to His greatness and sitting at the throne!

This verse this morning is a promise. It is promise of more Kings that the Lord anoints and appoints will sit on the throne and THE King is coming to be the final ruler. Can you imagine that?? Lord Jesus, how different the world will be when you are sitting in Jerusalem. Oh how different I will be. Worthy is the Lamb. High and lifted up - the Darling of Heaven!! Oh Lord, allow me to grasp just a small part of your holiness and specialness. Allow my heart to overflow with the Joy of Jesus and serving you. Allow me to more often turn from my sin and give all back to you. Allow me to not think so much of my needs, but think of what You might want from me. Oh Lord, let me fall in love with you!!

One thing I need to remember is that You are still sitting on the throne in heaven. When there are things I am going through - it is not a surprise to You. You are well aware and full aware! Oh Father I have a situation in my life where I need big time wisdom and patience. I don't know how to react and I am not sure what to do. I need wisdom and wise counsel. I don't need to make mistakes in this situation, and need to follow You will. Oh Lord, help me. Nevertheless You reign and You are holy, trustworthy and WORTH - Worthy is the Lamb. Still deserving of all my praise and adoration!! You are it and I want to know more of you!! I love you!

Today is my church's free Memorial Day Celebration. It is going to be great - as long as the rain holds off. Oh please Lord, just a few hours. Going to be rides, tons of food, face painting - all kinds of things. A band, music, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all free!! Starts at noon - come on down!

I got all my Believing God studies on Saturday. I am sooooooooo excited. Going to be great! If you still want to come and have not told me - come on. 8pm on Thursday, mi casa!

Jesus - thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for your righteousness. thank you for your perfectness. thank you for everything. Worthy is the Lamb. Help my concerned heart!

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Nicki said...

Hey Girl,
You know I LOVE that song too, and I often listen to it when I just need to draw to the throne and remember where I'm really going. But I struggle as well as I can't wait to get there, but still have SO MUCH in life I want to see happen. I think that's a good balance to have!!! It's making the most of what we have now, living life the way He wants us to but still holding deep in our hearts our true home and the day we will arrive! Have fun at your church thingy sounds like fun! =)