Thursday, May 31, 2007

349 - Believing God

Lord Jesus - tonight is the night. The Believing God series begins at my house at 8pm. I know Dori and Nise and Holly have a long drive from their perspective states, but it will be great to have them. Ha! But i am Believing!!! I have been here in Illinois for almost 6 months and I am so excited to have this group.

I think there is nothing I love more and have missed more than having Bible study in my own house. I love filling my house with prayer and praise. I love my kids seeing others get together for this purpose - I want them to know I am not the only one that wants to study the Bible- many other moms too! I love seeking the Lord with other people and then getting back together each week to discuss how that adventure went. I love being able to pray with someone about a specific request in their lives - and I love seeing God do something because of the prayers lifted - that may be one of my favorites. I love to see others fall even more madly in love with Jesus, learn more about Him, and want to pursue this relationship with great intensity... Oh do it, Lord. DO this for even us.

This morning the Lord led me or reminded me of the Nehemiah mission. So i have been studying Neh. 1. Oh it is some good stuff. Here is the deal.......... Nehemiah is the cupbearer to the King. His brother comes to him after coming from Jerusalem and seeing the city, Holy city in shambles and ruins. The Israelites are living in ruins, sin, and disobedience. They have been overtaken and ensnared into all sorts of things - just plain abandoned their faith and heritage! This extremely bothers Nehemiah - so much so that he cries, prays, and fasts. Does that sound so much like our nation. Well on second thought - doesn't that sound so much like the church as a whole. We have so many churches not even practicing the things of the Lord. We have churches that have been deceived into believing certain things that are way against the scripture. We have pastors that are loosening their message as to not step on toes or make anyone feel uncomfortable. We have leaders leading double lives. We have teachers not even praying before delivering a message! Our walls of the CHURCH have fallen down and we as Christians are believing anything and accepting even worse! It can't be!

So Nehemiah sits down and prays a prayer to the Lord. I love how Nehemiah does not NOT include himself. He understands that HE is part of the CHURCH even if he is not doing or even living in the area of ruin! You know that is the truth and a great example. We can not just slap our leg and wish others would "get it". We have to do something about it. We have to take a step and be courageous. We have to step out into the unknown and actually do something not just hope everyone else will. Oh Lord, lead me, lead us, lead Your Church!! We want to know You, we want to believe You, we want to please You, praise You, worship You!! Teach us Lord. Allow us to hear You tender whispers. Allows us to move when the Holy Spirit nudges. Allow us to respond in all situations with the Fruit of the Holy Spirit attributes oozing from our lips!!!

Father - I don't want this group just to meet and have a good time. I want us to bond and join in Spirit and in Truth - that is YOU!!! I am not looking for best friends, I have desiring ladies that desire nothing but Him. I am looking for more warriors - God can look down on us and say - Those are my go to girls. I know they will do whatever I ask. I am not looking for perfection and I hope no one else is because they won't get it from me!!! I want us to be real and break down all boundaries! I want us to join together to start revival in all of Southern Illinois. We are going to have so many churches represented - oh that excites me the most.

Lord, I know of 3 girls that can not be here tonight and possibly another. Oh Lord I pray we can get their books to them and hopefully they can see the video too. I know what it is like to get behind and it is hard to catch up!!! But Lord, you know of their plans and you know of their schedule - nothing is a surprise to my Lord!!! You do it - make everything flow!! Oh Lord, i also am well aware of how Bible studies can fade or ladies lose their enthusiasm. Keep us strong, keep us energized, keep us consistent, and keep us real!! Authenticity is going to be crucial!!!

I love you Lord - I am believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be glorified - be honored, be worshipped, be praised - YOU are worthy!!!

(New purses posted in post below this one... Thanks for checking them out. Let me know if you are interested in any.)


Nicki said...

Praying for you tonight! I long for the days of having bible study again too! I know it will be great!! I wish I could come!! =)

Beloved said...

I'll be praying that everything goes better than you expected!

Karen said...

I hope you guys had a extremely blessed time in the Lord last night!!

Karen from the Korner

Nise' said...

I am going to get my blue braclet out and wear it with ya'll! Believing God will do amazing things amoung you gals! Tell your ladies Nise' said to "do your homework" you won't be sorry!!!!

I recently finished a study by Beth Moor on Nehemiah. It was fantastic!

Sharon said...

I thank God for sending His mighty Spirit to fill your house. Thank you God for being there in their midst.
Blow their minds. Don't let a single woman leave that home the same she came in.
Thank ya Jesus!

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying right now...I know that God will bless you all in this study! It truly en-COURAGE-d me.

I hear tomorrow...I'll let you know! Thanks for your prayers, Sister.

I'm Believing God for something wonderful in your life!

ange said...

Lord I pray for Leigh and the ladies meeting at her house. May your blue ribbons abound tonight and the months to come. Leigh you are an inspiration and I LOVE to read your words right after I read THE word daily. YOU ROCK
I have been sporting my blue bracelet for a year now and I don't intend on taking it off :)

Deborah said...

I wish I could have been with you, maybe you can give me some advise and I can start one here in South Africa and we could do it with you guys even if there is a vast ocean seperating us. love always me

Dori said...

I CAN'T WAIT to hear how it went. I prayed for you last night because I know your heart on this one -- you just want people to know Him and believe Him, as much as they can on this earth! Let me know!!!

I'm getting off the computer in a few (wink wink), but when I check later tonight I can't wait to read how God orchestrated last night.