Wednesday, May 30, 2007

348 - More purses and Reminders

This are very versatile purses - go with everything!

This purse is larger than your normal purse. I have even seen some use it as a diaper bag!

I am crazy, crazy about these purses. It also comes in turquoise.

The purse above is awesome - very Vera Bradley-ish!!
Roomy with many pockets.
I love these backpacks. Not overwhelmingly large. Can get matching wallets!

How cute and shabby sheik! Matching wallet available!

Great room and go with everything!

Would this not be the cutest Bible carrier??!!??!?! Matching wallets!

This may be my favorite and I am sure I can let this one go!!! How cute. Great for summer and can move right into fall perfectly!!!

Pink is for the prissy girl and black is for the safe girl!!
Thank you again for your support. All proceeds go towards ministry expenses. June, July, and August are lean months usually in a female speaker's life. Ministry expenses like website/blogs, promotional materials, cell phones, gas (holy cow...........), flights, office supplies, etc. still have to be paid. I am on my way to getting non-profit status. Talked with a lawyer yesterday. Not cheap! Signed contract with Tate Publishing tonight to publish a book. Not cheap either.
He is more than able to provide and He has done more than I can imagine already. Thank you for your prayers. More than anything I would appreciate you passing on my website info, name, etc. to your local church and all your blogging friends who go to church too. Maybe they are in need of a speaker some time soon. Word of mouth is by far the best avenue of getting into new places. He can do it!!!
Thank you!!!


fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh,

I'll be praying for you and the "Go To Girls" tonight. Believing God for you!


Karen said...

I love these purses!! Will be keeping your Bible Study group in my prayers. That is so cool that you are now with a publishing company. Keep us in the loop when you release a book. I would definitely buy a book from you! As for your question about my blog. I got the design from a freebie website called Zoot's Designs ( I just downloaded it and then I put it all together. Thank you for your sweet comment about my blog! As for the comment box, I don't think there is a spell check. Hope that helps!

Wishing you a very blessed day~

Karen said...

Oh and I forget. The program I was talking about the other day on my blog is Windows Live Writer. I don't know if you use it or not. But I love it! Here's the web address to download it (it's free):

It's like a Word program that connects to your blog so you can post from the program instead of from your blog. Did I lose you on that one?(LOL) That is really the only way I can explain it. You can do neat fonts and colors. I am all about "beautifying" my blog! I haven't check it all out yet, but the little I have learned from it is really cool.

Hope that helps! And if you have any questions about anything on my blog, just ask. I don't mind at all telling you where or how I got something up on it.

Take Care~
Karen from the Korner

eph2810 said..., Leigh. Now I gotta find out how in the world I can get a purse with my 'life verse' Philippians 4:13...
I'll be posting something on my Thankful Thursday post about them too this week.
I am all giddy now :)
Blessings to you and yours.

Laurel Wreath said...

How do you purchase or find out how much each purse is. These are great.

Susanne said...

Hey Leigh!! I got your comment about the purses (Iris' blog) and am interested in purchasing. They are all so precious, but I've narrowed it down to three. Luckily they are all pictured together in the "Great room, go with anything" photo. Which of these is still available, and how much for each? Thanks!!

Susanne said...

Hey Leigh...
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you on the purses. I am particularly interested in the black with polkadot ribbon/striped fringe in the pic mentioned above. How much is it?? I also love the pink toile/green/black one right beside there a bogo deal with your purses?? ;-) Let me know!

Lundie said...

Would love one of those black & tan purses - can you send me more info on how to purchase?? So very cool!

jen said...

Oh these are too cute! Can you tell me how much the "prissy girl" purse it? The pink one with the black polka dot ribbon and the Mark 10 verse on it? Prissy just fits me. :) LOL!