Tuesday, June 05, 2007

354 - Little Faith, Little Movement of God

Lord Jesus, I have read this scripture this morning and it has really got me convicted and yet excited. I read all kinds of scripture about people having miracles performed on them because their faith was great. But there was also the example of things not being done because of the lack of faith!! Oh Lord, I have seen some great things you have done in my life and the life of others - how much more could be done if only my faith were of any size. I do believe, but then before I can even help it thoughts of unbelief flood into my mind.............. Oh I don't like that. Lord, control me - especially my thoughts and reactive thoughts!!

In Matt. 17:14-21 - a dad brought his sick son to Jesus. He had tried to get the disciples to heal him, but they couldn't. Now hold on for just a minute. This example was not the one needing the healing that was lacking in faith, it was the ones doing the healing. Isn't that interesting. When I come to the Lord asking for something in faith I am so thankful You never lack. You, Father God, know how capable you are and that You are able to do all things. But here we have the dad needing a miracle, displaying faith, and yet the ones that walk with Jesus everyday, seeing all kinds of great things did not have enough faith to heal this little boy. WOW!!!! Once again, believing takes more than just watching and being in awe of what He has done and can do. We must get out there and do something!!!! The disciples saw amazing things daily, or even minute by minute, but unless they "engaged" (like that Holli?) they would not know nor see the power of belief raised up in their lives. Unless they engaged they would not see the power that raised Jesus from the dead lived out and manifested in their lives. Oh this is good - praise You, Lord. I am a learnin'!!!

I am amazed at the correlation between the amount of faith i possess or display or engage to the way God moves. I have little faith, He moves little. I have great faith, He moves greatly. IF HE SO CHOOSES TOO!!!!!!!!!! Now that is the hard part. So how do i know if i have had too little faith and He has not moved because of me or He just chose not to move in that situation regardless of my great faith? I think in this situation and all situations with our Lord, we must accept and be at peace with the Sovereignty of God. God is going to do what God wants to do and when God wants to do it!!! All of that is so true, but God did not make us to be puppets. He wants, desires for us to believe and watch Him move. There are times He is going to move in great ways so that our faith is increased for the next situation. SO while yes there are instances that our faith can determine the level in which He moves, we must be at peace and thankful for any outcome. He knows best and knows what we need best. Part of present active believing is knowing He is in control and above all things!!

Oh Lord, I believe, but do i really? Only you know that! I am believing You for more prayer in my house. I am believing you for my kids to be sold out to You. I am believing you to see a town changed for Christ. I am believing you for more ministry opportunities. I am believing God that the gas prices will not effect ministry in such a huge way. I am believing you to take away the last 15 pounds. I am believing you to wipe my heart of bitterness and jealousies! I am believing you!! I love you, Lord. Let me see Your glory today.

Going to talk with a lawyer about non-profit status today! Got to disperse the kids - ugh! Then we have a t-ball game. I am really getting nervous about my speaking on Sunday... Guide me, Lord!


Kim said...

Praying for you as God prepares your heart for Sunday - and I am praying about those gas prices too!

Deborah said...

I am praying for you darling dolla, as you walk I believe He has made your paths straight, I too am excited about this scripture, and convicted at the same time. Your in my prayers, love always Me

charlestonyaya said...

Good Morning Friend, Thanks for your prayers, please keep them coming!! I meet with the doctor this morning at 9, to get the "official" report from Friday's surgery, and then decide where to go from here. Have a blessed day!! Kathy

Sharon said...

God thank you for going before Leigh.
Thank you for the dream of a ministry that YOU have given Leigh. Open the doors for the things that will bring glory to your name and shut the door to all else.
Thank you that when we keep our eyes on you you promise perfect peace that passes understanding.
We love you-it is our joy to serve you. Be glorified in and through us today
Love ya girl!
Keep walking!

Holli said...

Prayers are with you for Sunday and for the lawyer appt.
Enjoy the T-ball game, sit back and really watch your child and be amazed at how good our God is!