Wednesday, June 06, 2007

355 - Righteousness - Conviction

Oh Lord, there are are parts of me that I never want people to know about, but you do call me to be as real as possible. I know there is a point of sharing too much, but most of the time that is medical. But this morning is one of those mornings that I feel great understanding, but much conviction. Father, let me first say - forgive me!!! You know what i am talking about!

I am probably that girl you did not like in high school. I was very much a prude!! I wanted to please my mom and dad and teachers. I knew because i was an athlete with success the little kids were looking up to me. I knew i had a calling on my life and I knew God had a plan. But my motivation for "righteous" living was not to please my Lord. It was to look good, not get in trouble, and make others happy. And yes, by the way, I could make you feel bad in a nano-second for the way you spent your weekend!! Oh how i wish I had known the Word and had the study Believing God back then. But all that had purpose too! (Protect my kids from my ways of thinking, Lord!)

So this morning we have gone to Romans 4. It is such a beautiful chapter and so fresh and anew to me this morning. Thank you, Lord. Your word is never old and useless!! It is almost as if i have never done this study, but I have!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romans 4 is about how God credit Abraham as righteous not because of righteous living, but because he believed. Did you hear that - God did not say "well done good and faithful friend" to Abraham because he was a virgin before marriage, because he never drank, because he did his quiet time, because he gave to the poor, because he befriended the friendless, because he tithed, because he didn't say wirty dords (dirty words)..................... It was because HE BELIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how wonderful that is!! I think much of my life i have been doing good to earn others approval and liking, AND even God!!! But God says right here over and over in this chapter that it is not good works that He wants - it is believing!!! Lord, praise You. Please forgive me for all the years of trying to impress you, trying to get you to love me more, bless me more. Oh Lord, forgive me for not understanding Your Word and not ingesting it enough into my life. I don't want to just ingest actually I want to digest and absorb and then it to ooze out of my pores. (OK, that may be a bit yucky for this morning.) Lord, change me - heal me - work in me and through me!

Lord Jesus - today may be the biggest eye opener i have had in a long time!!! I know I am to believe and that is what You see as righteous. It has not anything to do with obeying the law or being related to someone. It is believing! Now does that mean i can just go on sinning like a big dog and still believe and will be righteous? NOPE!!! It means that when you believe you will almost automatically, if it weren't for that flesh thing, do what He wants for our lives. When we believe we are seeking Him abandoning all else!! That includes sin!!!!!!!! Not perfect, but striving for it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I believe!!! I am free!!! I am shoutin'. I love you, Lord!


Kristi said...

What a good reminder for me this morning, Leigh. Thank you! I was a "good girl," also. I did not use wirdy dords (you so must be from NC orginially :), etc. God has been convicting me recently about some pride issues that I see could get out of control if I do not keep them in check. Thanks again for this post!

Darlene said...

Wow, Leigh, I can totally relate. Especially this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

Valarie said...

Shout it out girlfriend!! We are free! If the Son has set you free you are free indeed!!!

Thanks for being such an inspiration!
Love ya.

CrownLaidDown said...

Now I didn't know I had a twin... I was very good at being a "white-washed wall" for many years...the mask is off now, Sister! And with you, I'm believing God to help me be the real deal!

LOVE your new blog look and praying that someday we can link up and chat!

I talked with my best friend from Illinois today. I don't know about her realtionship with the Lord. will you pray for me? I think that sometimes, it's easy to fall into the easy road when talking with old friends, isn't it? I did tell her I'd be praying for her, but beyond that? I chickened out!

Anyway, Leigh, keep writing some Truth and keep being the real are definately spurring this one on!

Lucy said...

I didn't become a Christian until I was 34 years old. Until then, I was a mess. It's amazing how quickly I forgot that I didn't save myself. It's so easy to get caught up in wondering why in the world everyone else can't just "get their act together too" I got my act together......yeah right!!! If I ever start acting like I got my act together, it's just act. There's nothing good in me but my Jesus.

Great post, Leigh!!!