Wednesday, June 13, 2007

362 - 2nd post today - prayer needed

Our beloved dog, Lu Lu, the one that has helped make this transition (moving to a new home far far away) a little bit easier for Sarahjane, my 2nd daughter - short hair - sassy girl, has been put in the hospital. The doctor said she had a very serious infection and was not sure how she would do!!!!!!! She had a fever of 103 - normal is about 100.

We all said possibly our last good-byes this morning and they took her away in the back. It was terrible!!! Thank you for praying!!!

I was very honest with the kids and so they are really upset - but dog gone it (no pun intended), already asking for another dog or cat.... What happened to mourning???????????? Oh kids - so adjustable!!

Bring us back Lu Lu oh Lord. Make her well. May she respond to the treatment in a positive way. WE are blessed and praise you!


Nise' said...

I am sorry to hear about your doggie!

Irritable Mother said...

They're "already asking for another dog or cat." I have to laugh at this one!!!
Are they adjustable, or just planning ahead? We have pet mice (which typically only last a year or two) and I often get questions like, "When Squeeker dies can I get a...?"
Oh kids...You said it! :)