Tuesday, June 19, 2007

371 - Miracles and Healing - God in a Box!

Oh Lord, today in my Believing God study Beth Moore discusses reasons that GOD possibly heals and does not heal others. I am not of the belief that all sickness is from Satan and that God wants all His children to be healed and whole on this side of Heaven. Healing will come, but it might come in a new body when you see Him face to face. TO say that sickness comes from Satan and that God does not want anyone to be sick in a way puts God in a box. People are placing God's duties to just healing - although wonderful - but He is just to heal and that is His only option when I fall ill. I can not go with that. I am not in any way saying He does not still heal - of course He does - I was told 2 times that I had Chrone's disease in high school. I remember Ergun Caner (www.erguncaner.com) my youth minister committing to pray for me and others in my church and on my third trip to the doctor for another colonoscopy after hospitalization, etc. they could find nothing. I was sick!!!! They saw those tell-tell cells on the first scope, but on the next ones - GONE. Don't even tell me it was a mistake!!!

Beth gives some awesome examples of people getting terribly sick and healed in today's lesson. Incredible and awesome. Wow Lord - You really showed off in those individuals lives. Wow!! One of the common denominators that Beth talks about is of course the sick believing they were going to get better and having prayer warriors that believed as well. I remember one time the Lord leading me to truly commit to pray for this one lady to get pregnant. Her husband and I worked together and it was a very strained relationship. We did not get along to well - in a church, how immature of me! Anyway, they had extreme infertility and had even loss a few babies. Finally they got pregnant and God told me clearly I was suppose to tell her I was going to pray for her every Tuesday. My Tucker was born on a Tuesday, April 1. So because you can remember everything with the first child Tuesdays were special and easy to remember to pray. Her child was not born on Tuesday, but guess what day - April 1st!!!!!!!! How cool was that!

Now i remember thinking that this lady may not want my prayers. Her husband and I had exchanged many words and she had possibly rather I did not lift their name in prayer. I was not sure. I was scared if i told them i was praying for them on Tuesdays and they lost this baby too they might blame God or even me. I was scared, but I knew God had told me to pray and believe much like my youth minister had prayed and believed for me. It was such a pleasure and privilege praying for them. No it did not bring us all together in friendship, it did not make all hard feelings go away, but it did strengthen each one of our prayer lives!! Thank you Lord.

Just as we are called to do a mission in life, I really do believe that we are called to pray for specific people and their situations. After I saw God work in that way I was quick to pray for other friends that were struggling getting pregnant. Traci, Jennifer, and Amie are others i have seen answered prayers. Did my prayers have something special to them - No way - I just felt led to pray for those ladies specifically and believed!!! Many times we can take on the world's prayer requests and then our prayers get very shallow. When I am asked to pray about something especially those things that are not real close to my heart, I do pray for them, but then I ask God to remind me of that request if it is something I am called to pray about with earnestness and ferventness. I have found much more freedom and success in giving it over to God and asking Him to specifically call me to pray for certain things. Sometimes it is for strangers, friends, family, and even foes...

Lord, You are far bigger than i can even fathom. Lord, show me Your works. Show me some miracles. Show me what You are all about. Use me, Lord. Call me out! I want to go! I love you!

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Connie Barris said...

great post... this makes me think of Matthew 6:1-2... your prayers may have been for you and the Papa...
it taught you something about you, right?
amazing how humbled we became when we have to do something like this..

been there done that.. still doing that...

glad to know I'm not alone

have a great day...

Nicki said...

First, I didn't know that you thought at one time you had Chorne's Disease. That's what Kris was diagnosed with and I have to tell you........Kris has the same story you do, COMPLETE healing. I believe it was all the mighty warriors we had praying for him!!! So I loved that!!

Secondly, that story that you told about the person you prayed for to get pregnant even though you weren't on the best of terms is an awesome example of how as sisters in Christ we are supposed to be. I have someone that hurt me really bad....and they didn't even feel bad for what they did, but I still lift them up daily in prayer....I guess that "pray for our enemies" thing really is true. We don't have to like everyone but we certianly are called to pray when the spirit tells us too! Thanks for sharing that amazing outcome!! Wow!

We did love the house we looked at yesterday, we're looking at it again today and hopefully putting in an offer.....GREAT yard!!! =)

Sorry for the long comment! Have a great day!

Karen said...

You are such a blessing each time I visit!! Loved this post! That was amazing that you were healed from Chrone's Disease! I love how you say that God not wanting anyone to be sick is in a way putting God in a box.

Thanks for being a such blessing! I hope that your day is going well!!

Patty said...

I remember the 1st time I did BG online and Beth had prayed that each of us would receive a miracle of God's choosing in our lives. I had seen alot of women get their miracle and I never got mine by the end of the study. I would find out about a month later that I had a very rare form of cancer. I asked God for a healing from my cancer. I needed this miracle. I am the only parent that my boys have. God chose to heal me on this earth and I am so glad. There are some who will get healed in Heaven, just liked you said, but the best thing is, God can do whatever he wants, how he wants and when he wants. His plans are perfect. Great post!!! I am excited about meeting you soon!!!


Kate said...

Thanks. I wish I could say all the things that are racing through my head right now, but it's far too personal and very very real right now...sometimes all that's needed is a good AMEN!

Thanks again.