Friday, June 29, 2007

383 - Blessings + Update

Oh Lord, thank you for last night. My Bible study group - Believing God Gals - came over last night and had such a great time. I almost typed fun time - it was fun, but so much more when you add ladies, the Word, and Beth Moore - it was incredible. WE did have one sweet, precious, cute as a bug in a rug girl finally ask - so how do we do this, how do we know if we are to believe and it is His will. When I went through this study the first time it took me until week 7 or 8 to ask that. I was just stunned at all of it that i just sat and didn't know what to ask. I am slow at times - no joke!!! This is cool that she is asking already - that means she is ready to believe just wants to know what to believe. The other cool thing is how we all chimed in trying to answer her question. I think the more and more we talked possibly the more confusing it got, but the bottom line is that you just have to do it - believe - and leave the rest up to Him. That was a neat time and then our prayer time on our faces before Him in my nasty carpet was awesome too!!! My favorite time!!

I have been stunned again, unable to express the neatest thing. My new friend in the blogging world, Dori, feels like a sister to me. Kind of like a twin. Our hearts scream the same desires and we laugh, struggle, and are convicted over many of the same things. It is such a breath of fresh air for me. And to think we have never met and we just recently talked over the phone. Now Dori is an accomplished singer - at least in my eyes - and was asked to sing on a worship team for Angela Thomas at one of her speaking engagements. ***Angela Thomas is pretty big time so this was a big deal.*** She told me ahead of time about this event she was doing. I told her that I had always wanted to talk with Angela because she is in speaking and has 4 kids. I knew Angela lived in Knoxville where my parents live and wanted to go ring her doorbell. The only thing stopping me was the thoughts of police driving by to pick me up for stalking. That would not go over too well in the ministry world! So after the event I got an email from Dori that something was coming in the mail and it was cool!! On Wednesday I received an AUTOGRAPHED book by Angela Thomas!! That was T-Totally special - i was wigged out in my tiny little post office... But even more special was the sweetest card Dori wrote me with the book - my treasure!! All this and Jesus, too!!! God you are so good! Thank you!

My next blessing is really cool as well. As a speaker you always dream, or at least i do, of someone really taking notice of you and wanting to help you get there - wherever that is... Side note - If i ever get there, still don't know where that is, but if i ever get there in ministry, I am going to try to help whomever I can to come along side of me. It is hard wanting to just have one conversation with an accomplished speaker and not be able to. I know I know I know - everyone wants to and there are crazies out there that would stalk (not me), but I just want to glean from what they already know.............Maybe that doesn't make sense! BUT ANYWAY... My friend, Iris, at Sting My Heart thought enough of my ministry and all to give me a shout out on her Thankful Thursday post. Then to top that off she has ordered a purse and now has ordered another one to have a give away.........................I could not be more blessed. I mean this girl has a huge ministry herself in the blogging world. On any given day she might have 30 comments on a post. That is huge because most people do not even post comments - why, I don't know, but they don't! To me that means that she believes enough in my ministering abilities and blog posts, etc. to promote all of it in hopes of generating more funds for me to do more... I am blown away... She has not had the drawing yet so go sign up.

OK - the experiment I did, or you did, yesterday was great. Remeber the clicking on Adsense... I am not sure how many of you clicked on things, but the report said that I had 30 clicks which resulted in $7.81. Now I think that is amazing... I am not sure how that is all generated (apparently i like that word today) because it doesn't seem like that many clicks for that amount of money... But anyway - If you were interested in that I say go for it. It worked or at least it works as long as peeps click on things. Kind of cool! and it is free! Thanks if you clicked - I guess i owe you!! Here is a hug (()).

Tucker is such a trooper. He is already riding his bike - one handed. Played baseball yesterday and hit a double - this was in the yard. He has had tennis lessons before and so his backhand is coming in handy now. ha ha! He isn't complaining and just being such a blessing!! Love him! One of his sweet friends and momma came by and brought cookies and playing card deally things. Tucker says no one makes cookies like Ms. Courtney. I know that melts her heart. They are so special and thoughtful. Why can i not think of those things... She is one of those that always does!! Here is Tucker and Elleigh - she has to be in all pictures - it IS an issue!!! And no - those are not morning boogers, just where he "ate" the ground in his fall. He wanted me to make sure everyone knew that. He also asked who would see the picture - I said just a few of my friends............. on the World Wide Web. I whispered that WWW part... ha ha

Life is good - oh so good, but God you are so much gooder!!! Have an awesome day!


Valarie said...

Be sure to tell Tucker that Chase saw his picture and said "COOL!" (why is it cast's are cool?) haha Kayley screamed "Look at Sarahjane's cat - I want a cat too, Momma"!! THANKS! haha

Glad to hear how well things went last night! Love to see women growing in the Word!! LOVE, LOVE IT!!

Dori said...

Well, I have tears in my eyes -- very real, salty, big old crocodile tears! What sweet, sweet things you wrote about me!!! You know I feel THE SAME WAY!!

To be clear, my church was asked to provide music for the church where Angela was speaking and I was asked by them to go. Angela herself didn't ask us to come. What a hoot that would have been!!! It was fun, nonetheless, and I was blessed to go. I'm glad you liked the book. I don't think Angela would think you were stalking AT ALL! :)

Leigh, you're just a joy and to think that it all started when I saw your name on the LPL blog and then loved what I saw on your blog. UNBELIEVABLE!! Beth is also a Sisters-in-Christ matchmaker...strange to think of it that way -- but it is true!!!

I CAN'T WAIT until September!!!!

All this and Jesus, too!

P.S. Your babies are precious with a capital P! I'm glad Tucker is doing so well with just one functioning arm. Seeing his sweet face made me thank God one more time for His protection over that little guy!!!

Susan in NC said...

Hi from HGBC-North. I just recently found you!! I need to make this a longer introduction SOON. Just wanted to say I was so pleased to see a picture of SJ and a new kitty. We are cat-people too.
Summer certainly is different with the kids home! You are an encouragement!

Sharon said...

I am glad that you are receiving such blessings from God.
I will try and com back and click some more. :)
Have a great weekend.

Leigh Gray said...

Susan - hey, did we know each other. I don't recognize you wihtout a last name. It is great that we have met up now that I am illinois - go figure... small world no matter hwo you look at it! write back more later or feel free to email me directly...

talk soon

Nicki said...

You are so happy it's just bouncing off the page!! =) God is so good and I just Him blessing you away!! Rock on girl!

Shelly said...

Oh the photos are just precious! And I had to crack up at your reference to saying the police may come get you for ringing Angela's doorbell and that wouldn't go over so well in ministry world.
But you're paragraph about wanting to come alongside those speaking and glean from (NOT stalking) ... I thought I just might hop off the bed shouting AMEN SISTER AMEN!!! THANK YOU that someone finally understands me!!! So...I'm thankful for Jesus letting me click on your postings, even if I can't ring your doorbell - otherwise I probably would :( So sad! I love your heart. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me. Bless you girlfriend!

Beloved said...

Aww your kids are soo cute! I'm so glad your Bible study's going well, I've been praying so hard that it would continue that way!

Kate said...

Glad your experiment worked. :) handed...sweet. Once upon a time I was a hitter for a junior tennis tennis!
Love the kitties!!!! Just want to squeeze and smooch kitties hate smooches, but they just have to put up with them. :P
Question: How cute IS a bug in a rug? :)
Many blessings to ya,

Holli said...

I just look so forward to getting to your site. I have a few I read daily and I always save yours for last because I leave feeling so encouraged!
I am so glad that God has blessed you and your family with the house of your dreams. I will be in prayer that all the work will go smoothly.
Your kids are as cute as buttons! Poor baby in that cast - doesn't look like it bothers him!
I have my Tucker praying for your Tucker. He just giggled when I told him about Tucker and praying for each other. You should've seen his eyes light up.
Have a happy and blessed week!