Wednesday, July 11, 2007

391 - And the Walls Came Tumblin' Down

Yep, that is right - little John Cougar Melloncamp going through my head this morning. Did you know that I graduated high school in the town where he was from and his daughter dated some mystery dude? It was almost like a ghost story about town because we never saw any of them. Anyway!

This morning I have studied about the walls of Jericho coming down. Joshua 6. To me it is a completely fascinating story. Almost hard to believe if it had not been in the Bible - nevertheless it is Truth! It makes me think about the walls in my life that need to be blasted with a horn and shoutin' to come down. Very much nothing of my own power, but by the power of the Lord. I can think of actually more than one wall in my life that I need Him to knock down - If I only knew the obedience plan of action He is calling of me. I need to know exactly if I am suppose to shout, wait, knell, march, gather up sisters, pray, fast, etc... I just want to know Lord.

But the scripture this morning that is resounding over and over in my mind is 2 Cor. 2:14. "But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him."

He certainly calls me into obedience and even very specific things He might want me to do before He claims the victory or tears down the walls, but more importantly it is HE who is leading the Triumphal Procession. Lord Jesus, you are my leader and I really want to be on your heels. Will I bug you? Many times when my youngest is on my heels and will not allow me to breath I get irritated and bothered. Sometimes a girl needs a break. But i feel confident that You are not that way. You want me as close as possible - even my breath in the same rhythm as Yours. I would think You want me not only on your heels, but you want me stepping on your toes following your lead like a little girl dances with her Daddy. Oh Father hold me close. Let me be aligned with you and following so closely. I want to be part of You victories. The war out there is so rough!! Even those that are following closely or those that think they are, are falling away - being deceived, getting swept under, oppressed for one reason or another - being defeated. Oh Lord, my heart knows You lead the triumphal precession! and in that we have responsibility. I can not just jump on the bandwagon and expect to reap all the rewards.

It is that way with everything and that is OK - really it is more than OK, it is awesome. I like to know I have some purpose or at least a list of things to cross off. The end of that verse says "through US spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him". I looked up "spreads" and it means to reveal, to make known, to expose, to take off a lid and show. I also looked up knowledge and it means understanding, awareness, recognition, familiarity.

We have so many battles in this life. Some are physical and some are mental - bitterness, accepting forgiveness, overcoming sin, etc. But when we are in line with the Leader, He leads us to victory. We may have much to fight on the way, but as long as we are aligned with the leader we shall be victorious. But the other thing - as we are following and fighting we are to leave a trail, beautiful, fragrant trail of His awesomeness. We are to leave a trail that makes Him known, recognizes Him, a trail that is familiar to those that know Him, but also a familiar fragrance that non-believers recognizes as a good thing! Not a trail of regret or stinky attitudes, but one that people can come long after you have left and know that He was good and is still good!

Father I do thank you for the acts of obedience that you require of me. I thank you for my responsibilities in my relationship with you. It only speaks volumes to me of your concern, care, and interest in me. If I were just a puppet I would have no reason to leave any kind of fragrance. Oh Lord, what is my smell? Is there a stench I leave behind? Is there any sweetness to my breath as I talk about You and the victories You have brought me through? Do my pores oozes a perfume that is pleasing? Do I walk away from people leaving them to ask - what is different about her - her eyes, her laugh, her smile, her strength - she even smells different. Let it be true Lord. Knock those walls down, lead me into victory, and may i shout out Your glorious praises leaving your sweet aroma everywhere i go! I want to make you proud Father!

Going on a tour of the kids' new schools this morning...again. We are getting closer and closer to our closing date. I drove by yesterday and wanted so bad to take down some curtains, etc, but can't just yet - it is not mine yet. Yesterday was awesome with the church activities. We had about 50 kids K-6 show up. It was a trick finding enough transportation. I have received quite a few inquiries for speaking lately. I pray I am something they are looking for. One retreat and a couple of MOPS events. There are still some other places I have not heard from in a while - Alaska, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan or was that Wisconsin???? I am not sure - I don't want to bug so I will wait. Lord, You do it if it is suppose to be! Thank you!!

Update - those Google Ads on the side of the the blog - I am up to $41.38. Wow - that is cool!

Don't forget to go cruising with me - please!!!


Shelly said...

How stinking cool is that cruise!!?? Man...I'd love to go...

And I am resting in the liberating truth that He does indeed LEAD in triumphal procession. He is my Victory. Thank you sister

Irritable Mother said...

Ahhh, yes. He is not like us. Though I tire of my kids asking me for things over and over, and of constantly wanting me to do things with them, He is not like that. Thank You, Lord!
Regarding the idea of the aroma we leave behind, I once was at a women's event where Kathy Troccoli was speaking. She talked about the desire to "wear" Jesus, such that people would wonder when she walks in the room, What is she wearing? You know, just like you wonder when someone enters the room and you smell a beautiful perfume. Yes, I want to leave that fragrance, too!

Kim said...

You will just have to tell us 400 things about you in a few weeks when you reach your 400th! (Just Kidding) Have a great day - great post today.

Pray that things get settled on the house real soon - I know you are anxious to get to renovating.

Kim said...

You will just have to tell us 400 things about you in a few weeks when you reach your 400th! (Just Kidding) Have a great day - great post today.

Pray that things get settled on the house real soon - I know you are anxious to get to renovating.

Amy Kate said...

Thank you so much for sharing this today, it goes right along with what the Lord has been teaching me this week. I love how He works in our lives to encourage each other when we don't even realize we're doing it. Hope you find some time to rest during this busy week (I'm an experienced VBS vetran so I know how that goes)!

jennyhope said...

We are doing Daniel again. It is so good!! I loved Believing God I did that a few years ago and I need to revisit it! Did you say Ergun Caner was your youth pastor?
That would have rocked my world!! I led when worldviews collide a few months ago. it was so good. he has come to our church to.

Lisa said...

Hey Leigh,

i commented just now but don't have any idea where it went so it may get duplicated....oh well...what I was saying was that I enjoyed your post this morning. What got me the most was when you were talking about the trails we leave behind.

Are my trails filled with a sweet fragrance? Does God's light shine brightly to non-believers?

Lord, I come to you right now ans ask your help in me leaving a trail of sweet fragrant words behind when you give me a chance to speak. help me to be a bright shining light to everyone I may come in contact with. It's in your holy sweet name I pray....AMEN

Thanks Leigh for allowing God to use you powerfully in your blogs and I pray that God blesses you greatly through your speaking engagements that you can be a blessing to others.

Love ya girl,

jennyhope said...

Hunter Street Baptist. He came either right before 9/11 or after. I cant remember. I love to hear him teach!