Sunday, July 22, 2007

397 - Beautiful to me

Today in church the Lord sent me a love note through a lady that I have only seen twice in my life. Her name was Melody and I didn't even get a chance to explain my tears as she spoke the love note from my Lord!! She may think I am a freak for crying, but deep down I know she understood! Anyway - I will write more about that later. Right now this is about Him!! I think He is beautiful!! This is beautiful to me!! Right from my own yard! Praise you Lord!


connorcolesmom said...

I love when God does that kind of stuff!!
He always knows exactly what we need :)
I also read the earlier post - I am glad Charlotte NC went well :)

Shelly said...

Goodness gracious girlfriend! Beautiful flowers!!!

And the holy scent of His Word :) Just as sweet of an aroma :)

Glad you got loved on today...we all need those moments don't we?

jen said...

such pretty pretty flowers! You just go ahead and cry Siesta. God reaches us on levels that our human minds can't take us. Let it pour when He loves on you. :)

Have a blessed Monday!

fuzzytop said...

Beautiful pictures Leigh!


Connie Barris said...

And people say there is no God....


Maggie said...

Man! I want me some BLACKBERRIES TO PICK!

Awesome, Leigh. Just catching up on your posts. I almost got to meet up with you guys yesterday, but the angel grannies were a little slow getting here. They must have been held up in warfare somewhere. I need to pray harder next time! (And next time, could you meet in NORTHERN Nashville? I'm such a driving wimp!)