Monday, July 23, 2007

398 - Will a Schedule Ever Come Back

Oh Lord Jesus - my girls have such a summer cold. It seems to be better this morning, but I was up almost every hour last night giving drinks of water, cough medicine, and stuff. I am one tired momma already and it is only 8:30am. Hopefully we are at the tail end! My blogging this past week has been so sparse. I am at the point now that I am longing for school to start just so we will all be on a schedule and know expectations. I am not too good at just sitting around and waiting for the next fun thing to happen. I like to look forward to it because it is on the schedule. That might be an issue I need to work on.

My Believing God study this morning was great. We have now started looking deeply into our pasts and all the places we can see His hand and fingerprints. It is awesome. I came to Acts 17:16-27. Paul is telling the people of Athens to reconsider their religious ways and practices. They have statues, alters, objects of worship, etc., but no god and certainly no relationship! So Paul stands up and never condemns what they are worshipping, but proclaims to them the missing piece. He explains to them that you have everything and are worshipping the "unknown" and he is now going to reveal that "unknown". Verses 26 and 27 meant the most to me. It states that God made everything from one man. "he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live." Why did God do this? Why didn't He just let us live where we want and do as we please? "so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him", verse 27. GOD HAS A PLAN AND PURPOSE. I am not puppet and i do have choices, but God has a greater plan. The bottom line is to bring people to a point that they reach out for Him, seek Him, and find Him!! I just love it.

The details are important. Seeing God in even the very smallest things of life is so very important. Knowing where He has brought you and what He has done for you is so very important! My history is such a great story and to some quite boring. I know to some extent why He has moved me so many times in my life and I love it. I don't understand why He has kept me from so much disaster or kept me from experiencing a tremendous amount of pain, but I am so very grateful. All i do know is that HE is faithful. The adventure from Dec. 9, 1972 has been wonderfully exciting. The story is not very long as of yet and I hope to have another 65 or 70 years to add. Oh how generous that would be! I am so thankful he has determined my time and the exact places I would live. I want to walk closer and closer so that I can be sure as i have been in the past of the changes He is requiring! Lord, I can not praise You enough. I can not shout out or sit in silence long enough for what you are due. You are worthy - you are great - you are holy - you are mighty!! I want to do nothing but serve you!!! Guide me, keep me close, and speak to my heart. I am holding on - thank you for never losing Your grip! I love you!

This is going to another busy week - school supplies shopping today. Tomorrow SJ goes for her 6 year old well check and kindergarten physical, etc. Then we are going to meet our church at New Harmony pool. Wednesday we go to get Tucker's cast off. It stinks so bad. We let him do a slip and slide and swim in the lake the other day. I just couldn't hold off any longer for him. I felt so bad for him. So it stinks, but he is happy and it comes off on Wednesday. Thursday I meet my parents in Nashville to give them all 4 kids!!!!!!!!!!! yeah baby!! We even have to swap cars!! Hopefuly I will get to visit a few minutes with Dori while i am "in town". Friday I am going shopping and Saturday and Sunday and Monday and then back to my brother's on Tuesday to pickup the kids!!! So i guess that is a schedule... I am thankful!!!


Nicki said...

Thank you for your encouraging words! I'm so glad to hear that your getting a quick break from the kiddos! I'm excited for your closing on your house, can't wait to hear about all your adventures in renovations!! =) I'm with you, I'm ready for a schedule too!! Have a great day!

Shelly said...

Girl! You got quite a week ahead of you!

Thank you for the blessing of these words in the meantime though. I will be loving the truth of that verse as He directs my unknown steps in the next month!

Shonda said...

I love the book of Acts. I am finishing the study of Acts through the university. I take my final on it next Monday. Please pray that I will retain the info I need to remember. I love that part in Acts 17 and yes - Paul never criticizes nor condemns. What a great example for us.

I pray your girls are better now.
My youngest son had a cast on earlier this year & couldn't play baseball or swim. I felt bad for him too. We "waterproofed" it with tape and let him wade in the ocean on one of our trips. It is soooo hard when they cant do the things other kids are doing.

I pray you will have a safe trip.