Tuesday, July 24, 2007

399 - He Remembers!!

Dear Lord, It has been hard to post lately in conjunction with my Believing God series. We are in the part of deep introspection and that requires that I am only thinking about me. Well, I am pondering all that He has done in my life and those that He has brought in and out, but still it revolves around me. So I struggle with my words, etc.

Lord this morning we discussed the fact that You do not forget. But another interesting characteristic about You is that when you remember it causes action or one can assume You are going to move in some way in relation to that remembering. You remembered Noah in Gen. 8 and therefore started the winds and rain. You remembered Rachel and therefore opened her womb for pregnancy. You remembered the Israelites fighting and then rescued them from the enemies in Numbers 10:9. The other mind boggling thing Beth Moore stated was that God remembering is not the opposite of Him forgetting. It was not like He forgot about Noah, but rather just waiting for the perfect time in His plan to put the next action into motion. I love that! Could it possibly be that actually God remembered the next action plan instead of so much remembering His loved one he was about to do something with??? I am not sure - it says God remembered Noah, Abraham, Rachel, His covenant, etc................ Anyway He remembers and I love that.

I feel so terrible even stating it, but there have been times in my life that I have felt forgotten. In college the coach that recruited me left the college for another university pretty much after i signed the promise papers or letter of intent. All throughout high school I was always the one searching for a date to the big dances. I only kept boyfriends for very short amounts of time because I was so scared of them and because i was not very willing - if you know what i mean. I guess i should have had better timing on when i got a boyfriend - like around dance time! As my best friend in Charlotte announced her pregnancy, Ginger, it was not until about 1 year later until i had my first child. I can not tell you how many times we have had our neighbors sale their houses in weeks and it usually takes us months... Many days here in Norris City I wonder if He remembers. In ministry I hear of this and that going on in various lives and wonder if He remembers. I better stop this sounds like such a pity party!

God remembering is not so much the fact that He does something or not - usually He does, but it is more important my perspective. Whether God moves in a situation or whether He makes a change is not as important as my perspective and being able to praise Him because of who He is and not what He does. Oh yes, there is time and "appropriateness" to praise when He does something in our lives, but regardless of that movement we are to praise. I can praise now because the Lord brought me to Union to strengthen my faith and meet the love of my life, Clay - tennis was just the avenue to get me there, not my focus as i would have thought. I can praise now that I don't have memories of nights with so and so and the guilty feelings and consequences that stay with you for years and years. I can praise Him now because He gave me a big healthy boy at just the perfect time. I learned so much watching Ginger be the best mommy of all. I can praise Him now because during the day when i wonder where everyone went and am I the only stay at home mom here in Norris City, etc. i get that call from Andrea reminding me of our run that night. (Please don't look too deeply in that statement. I am happy here, just a little bored and missing my Charlotte activities.) I can praise Him now because of all He has already allowed me to do in ministry and the CRUISE coming up!!

See, Leigh, He remembers - it is just my perspective!!! He has so much of a better plan for me than i can conjure up! Lord, forgive my impatient heart. Forgive my heart of wanting now. Lord, forgive my heart of thinking I could do things better. Forgive me for thinking even one time that You ever forgot!!! Jesus, thank you for the times You have held off. Thank you for the times you have said, "not quite yet." Thank you for the times You have just purely protected me from this and that. Thank you for constantly remembering me! Forgive me moods, my selfishness, and MY forgetting all you have done in my life. Lord, I praise You - yes because of all you have done, but more because of WHO YOU ARE!!! Amazing Lord, Savior King Father Protector Creator Redeemer..................Oh how I love YOU!!!

Please be in prayer for my friend Rachel as her father in law has passed away. He had a very short fight with cancer. Off to the doctors and then swimming. Oh yeah - I went over to my new neighbors house in Carmi yesterday, Noel, and had a blast - thank you, Lord.



Nicki said...

Leigh, thank you for you "real" heart today. I can appreciate the "God have you forgotten about me?" part!! You are very blessed and God has given you many, many gifts and talents! But, I am with you.....it is so hard from our perspective sometimes to understand what He is up to. God has been humbling me a great deal lately......not something fun or exciting! But, I see God working in your life in a BIG BIG way!! You're in my prayers today girl! Love you!!

Shelly said...

This is such a honest and wonderful post girlfriend.

Yes ... We thank you Lord for the times that you have purely protected us with your 'not quite yet' moments and the times You have given us a 'No.' We trust you Lord.

Kate said...

That is so awesome!!! I was just thinking tonight as I was finishing up the touches of another home project, that God remembered me. Two years ago something happened that totally hurt me and today as I was finishing my project the Lord reminded me of two years ago. So I asked why I had to wait two years to see something...He just spoke to my heart and said "you wanted me to avenge you so badly and all I wanted to do was bless you...we clashed." He's so sweet!
I struggle constantly with feeling "forgotten" whether it is among my peers who have families, or in my church, but when I feel the most forgotten, I just call someone and make sure they aren't feeling forgotten. Sounds kind of cliche...but it works.
Thanks for pouring yourself out here...real just digs at the soul a bit more!
Luv ya,