Thursday, August 23, 2007

415 - Shine like Stars

Dear Lord, Right off the bat I want to complain about my computer because it is giving me troubles again!! I am having to write out my post on WORD and then will paste it later to Blogger if I can ever get it to come up!! UGH!! But the funny thing about my complaining is that my first scripture from Philippians is “do everything without complaining or arguing… which you shine like stars in the universe”. How quickly do I get from my hearth where You give me a Word then over to my computer and forget what You have just revealed to me. Oh, I am a lost cause or at least I feel that way a lot! Lord, are You sure You want me to deliver your encouragement and power to others at times?? You are taking a huge risk!

My friend asked me to pray for God to be huge in particular situation and I passed that on to my husband asking Him to pray as well. He responded from his handy dandy Blackberry thingy that God was already huge and don’t forget it. At first I giggled because I knew He was being a little silly and cantankerous, but he had a huge point too! Yes, Lord, exactly You already are huge! But sometimes I have to ask that You appear bigger in my eyes so that I am positive it is You! Why is that??? Why don’t I notice You right off the bat. Lord Jesus, You are huge and amazing and wonderful – why would I ask for you to be more??? You have proved Yourself long ago and You are more than enough!! Savior, forgive me for those many times that I ask silly things. I have been guilty of praying, “Lord, please be with us this week. Or be with us as we go about this or that.” Hello – I feel like You want to say – “#1) I AM and #2) I AM never going to leave you.” I know You must shake Your head so often and just wait patiently for me to really pray!!! Lord, teach me to pray!!

I want to “shine like the stars in the universe”. I think it is interesting that You put in the universe. #1) You could just be further explaining the position of the stars – they are in the universe and I want you to shine like those out there as opposed to those in Hollywood possibly. #2)You could also be saying that you need to shine because your shine will be seen as far as the universe stretches. You are not limiting our influence to our own little town – in Your detailing of life and in Your tapestry only You know the extent of our influence for Your glory!! Wow, Lord, that is too cool! Thank you!

I am excited to share this Word with my kids today! I think this is something they can truly grasp. Busy day……going to meet Elleigh’s teacher, and stuff. Last night while my Tucker was at baseball lessons I ripped up all the floor of the kitchen. It felt good to put in my sweat too! Walls are down and now it is time to rebuild..............oh goodness, this is exciting. I will try to get over there and take some more pictures... I love you, Lord!!!

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The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Leigh!

Patty says you are going to Deeper Still...

Just wanted you to know I hope we all have the chance to get together..

I would love to meet you! :)


A Hoosier Family said...

Thanks for the "your thoughts" to my blog post today! This is my second semester as a non-traditional college student. My major right now is Computer Information Systems. I'm going to college so when I grow up (ha-ha) I can be a Computer Teacher in the Elementary level. WAIT! I'm doing that now. Seriously, that's why. I'm a teacher without the license. That piece of paper will mean more $$$. :0) ~Sharon~

Nise' said...

Leigh, I am humbled that you open your heart/journal to God to us and thankful as well as it always touches me!