Friday, August 24, 2007

416 - Interest of others

Lord, Jesus - why do we tell ourselves that if we are not this or that BIG thing then what we are doing is not worth anything at all? I just read in Phil. 2:19-24 about Paul talking about Timothy. The one statement that has really stuck with me is "everyone looks out for their own interest........but Timothy has proved himself". OK - now stay with me. Paul is applauding Timothy because of the way he has given himself to the gospel for the sake of the Philippian people. Paul even goes on to encourage the people to honor Timothy when he gets back. I don't want to concentrate so much on the fact that we all look out for our own interest so often, but that many times we give up. We look for something to do in the interest of others and when it is not BIG enough we give up and go back into the same routine of self-interest.

OK, let me explain. Often I hear people asking how certain ones in the ministry can do so much for other people. The ministries those ministers are involved with are doing such great things and how the others of us would really like to do more for others. DO more for others than so much for themselves, etc. Well, not to be rude or insensitive, but those in ministry are SUPPOSE to be doing things for others - that is why they are in ministry. It is almost to some degree suppose to come natural, but definitely a must. (That is why I want to make sure that as I grow in ministry and opportunity that I am willing to help others along in their journey. Not be so focused on my journey that I neglect those that are coming behind - interest of others.)

I think those that are not in ministry (but did you know in reality we are all IN ministry) tend to degrade, belittle, or at least not count the worth of the everyday things they are doing. Teachers are loving on the students and making a difference. You are sharing your journey with new teachers and helping others to come along. Those in the regular business offices are sharing wisdom in some form and fashion daily. Doctors are taking time with their patients looking for answers to improve their lives. Nurses are helping and making sure things are taken care of. What about being a good friend - a good neighbor - a good momma, daddy - a good, friendly, nice shopper or customer.

My point that I am having a terrible time getting across is that one does not have to be in ministry as such to make a difference in some one's life for the cause of Christ. You can consider the interest of others just in your everyday lives. God does not call everyone in vocational ministry, but He does call everyone to minister where He has placed them. Do not negate your efforts and give up just because you are not in ministry. Nurses and teachers are some of the most unselfish and 'seeking the interest of others' of any people i know. And just because that nurse or teachers does not take the time to go on a missions trip does not mean that they are not "seeking the interest of others". I guess moms would rank up there as well. I truly believe, i really , really, really do that God is not near as concern with what we do from day to day as how we do it and what impression of Christ we leave on others. I really believe He is more concerned with whether we believe Him in the day to day things than whether we are doing this or that! In our day to day lives are we considering others' interests? Driving to the store are we zooming past everyone with one agenda or we even aware in those moments that He may be calling us to minister to someone while there, AND it could be just a smile or nod of hello?

Friends, family, and strangers - do not beat yourselves up because you are not in vocational ministry. You can and do make such a difference in your everyday lives that I may not have the opportunity because I AM in ministry. Thank you for considering the interest of others so often!! Keep pressing on because we are IN ministry!!

Lord Jesus - that was a strange post for me. It was directly written to others, but I felt like words from You. Thank you for allowing me to encourage the readers to keep pressing on. What a privilege to be used this way this morning! Thank you! I had the job "interview" yesterday and really want to take it, but not sure if it will work out. I got my childcare taken care of, but I am not sure if the employer can get by with the times i have to be gone for speaking. It is not that much, but still I know they want excellence and not have to worry about a worker not being there from time to time! We shall see. Open or close the door hard, Jesus!

I love you, Lord. Help me to consider the interest of others today!!

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