Tuesday, September 11, 2007

429 - It's Still Dark

Dear Lord, Thank you for another wonderful day yesterday. There is no doubt how tired I am, but things are going well. My job is going so well. It is a lot of fun and even challenging. I like learning new things and trying to be of some kind of help. My boss took over an insurance agency and so we have so much reorganization - the way we like it - to do, but still continuing to drum up new business. It is a challenge just keeping up with the old stuff let alone trying to think about new business. But we are getting there so says the wonderful DSM, John! - - - Aerobics is still going well. I think we have childcare all worked out and the ladies are really pushing themselves in class. It is fun - now I just want to get to know them!

"She is the like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. She gets up while it is still dark, she provides for her family and portions for her servant girls." Proverbs 31:14-15a.

I first read this and saw "she is like A merchant ship" and thought oh yeah, P31 woman was a big woman - big as a ship. I like big women!! I am a big woman! Yeah!!! But no, she is like THE merchant ships just meaning that she is willing to go to the end of the earth to provide for her family! Oh great conviction sets in again. What lengths am I wiling to go to to make sure they have what they need? On most things I am willing to do whatever it takes, but once again when it comes to cooking I am not too willing to search very far. It takes so much work to try new things that 9 times out of 10 they are not even going to like. No Kidding! Man, cooking can really make me feel like such a failure. But it is only for their good and for mine too!! I hear you, Lord!

Now the next verse I don't have a lot of trouble with, but let me tell you it has taken me years to get there! "She gets up while it is still dark" - Gets up - "qum" - means to rise up, establish, strengthen. This woman and you and I are to get up to establish our family. That might be in routine, getting them ready for success, strengthening them for the day ahead, just plain ole getting up and doing something that furthers your family in some way or another. Of course I believe the most important way you can strengthen your family and set them in line with the favor of God is to begin it with Him, devoting it to Him, and acknowledging Him. This is quiet time. I know we are all in so many different stages of life and it is so very hard to rise up before everyone else, but I think it is imperative. When I was just about to have baby #4 and the others had just turned 5, 4, and 2 I was tired to say the least. I asked the Lord one morning to give me strength for the day and to please realize that I will get back to my consistent quiet time as soon as this baby was born and things got back to normal! That very morning he lead me to Proverbs 6:9-11 - PLEASE GO LOOK IT UP!!! It begins with "How long will you lie there, you sluggard". Wow - was the Lord being harsh - well sort of, but He was being serious. He spoke to my heart that morning explaining to me that He did not give me those little kids that quick because He wanted me to sleep in, eat crackers and chocolate to give me energy, or to get back to Him once it settles down. No - He made it very clear that it would never settle down or be easy. He was the one to be my strength. Get myself up out of bed and make sure I make the effort to spend time with Him. If i had to come back to Him at naps then so be it, but show Him the effort. That was a very pivotal day in my life!! He took me to a new level that morning and I praise Him for it. He disciplined me because He loves me - this I do know. Did it hurt my feelings - yeah a little bit at first, but made all the difference in my life and walk. SO how am I now able to get up at 5am and meet with Him - because of the spanking that day He so graciously and mercifully gave me!! I praise Him for it - it is only because of Him!

He has never failed to be there when I come barely awake to meet Him. He is so faithful and such an incredible God! He is my everything and I praise Him! Lord Jesus - thank you for taking the time to teach me that day about 4 years ago what you expected of me! Thank you for being so clear. My mornings are my most precious part of the day. I treasure them even though I mess up and miss some days! thank you for always being there and never being late. Thank you for being on time and even early! Thank you for the way you speak to me and for the ways you have made such a change in my life. I owe you everything! I love you!!!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

HI! So glad your job is going well. I had to smile, my husband earlier this year, took over an insurance agency. So I "get" what you're saying about getting things organized!

Mornings....I always get so much from the Lord when I GET UP and spend time with Him first. This week, I have to admit, I've gotten up but not the first moment He wakes me. Thanks for the encouragement to get out of the bed and meet with Him. :)


Jackie said...

I love spending time with God in the morning, sets a great tone for the day. I think He is waiting for us to wake up and spend time with Him!! HAve a great day- take care.