Wednesday, September 12, 2007

430 - Laying face down in awe!

Oh Lord, my body is so sore that even typing is hard!! We have done 2 days of lunges and just plain old hard work at aerobics and I can barely sit down and type this. My toosh is so tender to anything!! Anyway..................... too much information, i guess!!

I need to thank you for the wonderful victory yesterday. I set out to do my family good in cooking, i set out to be a merchant ship, i set out to bless them with a great dinner and IT WORKED!!! Oh thank you Lord, thank you! I prepared early to have crock pot steak and mash potatoes, fruit, and veggies - it came all together and the kids ate like crazy. Now I just wish Clay had been here to indulge too. He is always so good at eating a ton even when he probably had rather not. Thank you Lord for your visible encouragement! Tonight will be a bit different because we have Tucker's baseball practice and a fall festival to attend. Our church things don't start until next week!

Lord Jesus - I am really at a loss for words today. I have my verse in Proverbs that i have dissected - verse 16 - but am just wanting to sit before you today and praise. My radio is on the background and I just want to praise. You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song!! Oh Lord you are so good to me. You heal my broken heart. You are my Father in Heaven! You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song!! That is what you are!!! Oh Lord, I just love you and am in love with you. You are doing so many things around me and I just can hardly take it all in. I see you in everything and want to be part of what you have going on. I love the most that I see a revival going on in my church and it is outstanding! Lord, your blessings are almost too much!

I would never ask you to stop, but why is it that you continue! Lord, why have you done so much for me! I just sit back take a huge deep breath like David in 1 Samuel - why would you be so good tome. I mean it with all my heart and YOU know my heart - I do not deserve any of this! I am not even talking about visible blessings, I mean the peace and joy you have placed in my heart. Just the joy of knowing you and walking with you daily. Lord, why, why would you commune with me daily, second by second! Oh Lord, it is overwhelming! I can hardly stand it!! But at the same time I want to be closer and closer! Draw me in Lord. I want to feel your breath!

Oh Lord, have your way! Do your thing - show me your glory more and more! Show off and have full reign in my life. I love you my Savior and am so unworthy! I just can hardly stand it! Sing your songs over me and may I praise you forever!!! My Savior, my King, My Lord, my Jesus, my Everything, my strength, my comforter, my lover of my soul, my fortress!!!!!!!!!!!! You are it!!! Thank you Lord - thank you!!! I just don't know why you do it!! thank you! I just want to lay face down in awe today - that is it!


Jackie said...

Isn't it amazing what He does in us and around us, even when we are so wonderfully flawed. He is merciful and gracious to use even the least of us to spread His glory. Bask in the glory that is happening all around you- praise Him for those blessing....and as Beth said at our new Bible study last night..."we just have to perse-dang-vere in this crazy world" Have a great day sweet siesta!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This is a great post. I feel like I've been to a praise pep rally! :) I'm going to go think about how AWESOME my Savior is and enjoy being with HIM!


Valarie said...

And what an awesome post to greet me! LOVE IT!

We'll talk soon. I miss ya like crazy!
Love ya.