Wednesday, October 17, 2007

459 - Update up to date............long

My main reason for ever blogging is 2 fold. I learn so much more when I take the time to sit down and write out what He has just taught me. And, I want my kids and future family to have some kind of account (on some days.......... evidence) of my walk with the Lord and their heritage. So today I am going to take a few minutes to update i guess the world on the Gray's.

Let's start with the most handsome - Clay, the hubby! He is working hard at his GOJO job and selling things well. He enjoys his job, but not crazy about the lengths of travel at times. He covers the Midwest. As any entrepreneurial man he always has things he is thinking about or exploring. Clay has to teach SS the next 2 weeks which i love. He is a wonderful teacher and of course makes me really proud. I have to teach aerobics on Mon, Tues, and Thurs from 4:45 to 5:45. Because we live a distance from the church I usually am not home until 6:15. When Clay is in town and as long as I have the menu made, he will have dinner completed or well under way by the time i get home. That is very attractive to me since my second love language is acts of service! I never thought you could love someone so much!!! hmmm, hmmm.........

The other handsome thang is the youngin' Tucker - almost 9.5. He is a very, very good boy, but testy all the limits. He is currently crazy about basketball since baseball season is wrapping up. He goes to school every morning at 7:10 so that he can practice. (School starts at 8:10.) Tucker is doing well in school, but once again not excited about our upcoming move. He loves Norris City and all the boys here. He claims to not know girls exist - whatever!! He will have no trouble in Carmi in January, but just the unknown is again hard. Plus, the main thing is that they don't have free gym before school. Tucker and I have a tough time right now at this stage of life. His cup is usually half empty. He has great potential and I am waiting. ha ha

Emmajoy is a joy. She and all the girls spend most everyday down at the neighbors playing, singing, and dancing. Now let me tell you about these neighbors. They are an older retired couple that are precious. They love my girls like their own. The Mr. plays his guitar and harmonica. My Emmajoy is constantly writing songs and Mr. has started putting music to her songs. It is the sweetest thing ever. We will miss them terribly! Emmajoy is very studious and so sensitive to the Spirit. Pretty much she enjoys life and life enjoys her. We "replaced" her cat that recently got killed and that has made her........................month. She is a blast.

My Sarahjane.........I could not be more proud of this kid. We held her back from school one year because she just was not ready. Did not want to go to preschool or do any work. It has all changed. It has clicked. She loves school - mainly the boys - but loves to learn. She has an incredible teacher! Whatever she is doing SJ is learning like crazy and lovin' it. She is gaining her own new friends which is so important. Before she has always wanted all of EJ's friends. Her writing has changed dramatically. I am telling you, this is not the same kid as the end of August. She is still the jokester and clown in the house. She makes life funny!

Elleigh Belleigh is a character. She NEVER stops singing or talking. She loves to read, but is not crazy about school. She likes her new school a bit better than the last because they don't change names - just use time out. She is still very close to me and does not like to be out of my sight. I certainly would have thought would have gone away by now. Maybe she is the one that will never move too far away. Elleigh talks about being a christian often. She is not ready, no understanding at all. Most of all she enjoys to going to the sitter each day after school. That has changed recently too. She loved Ms. Linda's because for the most part she was the only child awake and they played with her all by herself. #4 loves alone time. But now she is at my preacher's wife's house and that is great too. 3 other girls to be crazy with. Elleigh is still my cuddle-bug!

As for me - well, always a tornado, but a fun one and exciting. As i have said before I have only a few more days of work left. I am excited about that because I have so many things to do. I am going to a conference in November where I will have lots of opportunity to spread the word about Speaking Thru Me. So i am trying to update my bio, get new business cards, get the website rolling, get non-profit going, and then speak here and there in the mean time! God has recently shown me a gift.................... i have had 4 or 5 girls out of the blue contact me basically wanting some ministry advice or counseling. Like I am leading them in the direction of getting their speaking gift started. It has been oh so much fun!!! One girl, Melissa, called me totally out of the blue. I did not recognize the number, but for some reason answered it. It was great! There are also 2 churches that have invited me to do their first conferecne speaking. I am consulting them as well as how to make it a success - especially when you can not bring in tons of ladies just based on the name Leigh Gray. Maybe some day, but definitely not now. That is a joy to do that as well. I love ministry - all parts - love love love it!!!!

There have been some recent upsets like the cruise. Money is suppose to be deposited back to everyone today..................... oh Please Lord!! Then last night I got an email from the church in Hutto that is probably going to have to cancel their retreat. I think there are money issues in the church. At the moment I received that email I bowed my head and asked God to replace that event. Within 30 minutes I got a call from a lady wanting me to speak at he conferecne coming up in March!! Yeah..............thank you, Lord. God is teaching me so much about prayer through the George Mueller book!!! It is a must read!!!

Aerobics is growing and doing well. On a down night we still have close to 15 or 17. On an up night we will have close to 24 or 25. That is unbelievable for this small area. Thank you, Lord. I love working out with them and challenging them. Many,many, many of them do not even need aerobics. Seriously, i am not joking, i am much bigger than most of them. They are tiny things! A lot of them just had a baby and have lots of motivation. What is my problem!!?? It is very humbling in a sense to move to this area and gain about 10 pounds. Then God tells me to start aerobics where many of my students are much smaller than me. This is not what I would have hoped for. But they don't seem to complain about watching my bu-ta-ta jiggle!!! hee hee

I could not ask for things to be going better for my ministry partner and I. We are having to dig deep as anyone would starting a "business". It is so exciting and expensive, but we want things done right and with excellence. Ginger is a very energetic person, but has a lot on her plate right now. Her father in law is deathly ill, her daughter had bladder problems, husband had a serious eye infection, her son (2 years old) ran away and that was major drama - I will ask her to write about it some day here - it is amazing story, and the list goes on for her. Oh she had a breast scare! But she is right there with me plugging on. She is a brain stormer and very committed girl!! I just love what God has going here.

Ok lastly - I am speaking on Friday night! I am really excited. Andrea is going with me and maybe Alisha too. It is in Salem - i love Salem. Lord Jesus keeps knocking my socks off. Wowing me everyday. I love Him!!! I want to love and know Him more!! Thank you, gratitude overflows!!!! And there is more!!!!!!!!!!!


Dori said...

I love it!! I love your family and I've only met 1/6th of you!

I love your ministry and just think that if you ever had a place to put me to work for you it would just be the best thing!!

I love your heart and reading all that God teaches you because He ALWAYS ALWAYS teaches me something, too.

Have a great Wednesday, dear!


Valarie said...

Thanks for the update because I've been thinking about your little ones lately - especially my baby girl SJ! Oh you know I will ALWAYS have a sweet spot in my heart for her though I know she's LONG forgotten me.

Girl, God is so faithful with His ministry thru you! Yours may not be the biggest name out there but your ministry lifts HIGH the only Name worth speaking so it is recognized in heaven! KNOW THAT GIRL! I love ya and wish I could be with you Friday. BTW - do I need to be with you in November? Sounds like a road trip to me! teehee
Love ya girl.

Nicki said...

Ok, how's the house coming along??? We haven't had any updates on that in awhile! Still November move in day?? Projects still going good??

Leigh Gray said...

Dori - oh girl - it would such an honor to have you "do" something for us in ministry. Let's start praying about that. I pay a very high salary - I ask Jesus to give you the most beautiful jewels in your crown!! thank you for your sweet words!!!

you are very computer savy aren't you.............hmmmm!!!

love you!

Leigh Gray said...

valarie - i will be in Nashville - you want to come I will make sure you have food and a place to lay your head!!! come on chickie and bring Tisha too!! november 13-15... can't wait to see you then!!

how is the house thing coming?? do you have a prospect as where to go?

talk soon!!

Leigh Gray said...

nicki - oh the house..............we are trying so hard to not get frustrated... we are still waiting on the electrician!! he is suppose to come this week!!! outside painting is going well, but that does not give me aplce to put my head - not really. i am aiming for January... once the electrician - hey Kris want to come over for a few weeks ? - is done then everything can be put back together and painting on the inside and floors refinished........ i think it is never ending...

thanks for checking on it!!

Irritable Mother said...

Leigh, First, of course it's fine with me to be on your blog roll. In fact, I am honored! Thanks.
Second, I am excited to read about Speaking Thru Me. How wonderful to see the ways God is paving the way and bringing people to you. He is perfectly faithful and He will see you through on this adventure.

Nicki said...

Girl, I was laughing when I read this, a guy JUST asked Kris to come to Virginia to do his house!! My man is becoming nation wide!! =) You know he would've come!! Ask and you shall recieve!! HEE!! =)

Little Steps Of Faith said...


Girl, Whenever I read your posts, JOY shouts off the pages...I had to tell you that:)
He is totally here:)

Anyway, thanks for your comment on my blog; you are so sweet:)

I'll be writing my book soon; and even though I probably will only have so much money to get them all; I would love to have some of my siestas have free copies.

Help me pray on that if you could girlie:)

You are awesome!

Be Blessed:)


Leigh Gray said...

angie - i will be praying about that for you. i am in the process as well writing a book, well a co-auther deal - with my cousin. It is expensive any way you cut it!!

I hope to get to read it some day soon!!

Have a great weekend!!! soon!!!

Bev Brandon said...

you are a very joy-filled person...your writing makes me feel like i am sitting in your living room talking to you...what a beautiful family God has given to you