Thursday, October 18, 2007

460 - Come in out of the Rain

Gracious Father - what a wonderful day. Even though we got so much rain, storms, wind, etc. it was still a glorious day with You. I love Wednesdays with church for the kids. TeamKids is really doing well and all mine seem to enjoy it. Tucker's teacher, Dawn, has really caught Tucker's attention and for that I am so grateful.

Yesterday after work I had to run in Walmart to get a few supplies for church that night. I supply the teachers with all their needs, they just walk in and teach. It is great! Anyway as we were walking in Elleigh asked me how God gets up to sky? Does He ride a train or a bicycle? She is constantly talking and this time I caught it... Many times I forget how old the kids are and I come back with answers like this. "Elleigh God doesn't really have to go up to heaven. He is the creator and is actually holding the sky and the earth is like his footstool the scripture says. So He doesn't have to go up there, it is just in His hands." She just looked at me and then said - "Woe!" I am not sure if she got it at all, but it did stop her talking for about 5 seconds... and then right back on to the next thing.

So this morning I got to thinking about that some more and was lead to Ps. 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. There is not any twisting words too much in that scripture. Dwells - is just that sitting or dwelling. Most High - is the most high omnipotent Father. Shadow - is a protection of the adversaries. Almighty - Almighty or Powerful One... But I began to think or really He, You Lord, began to speak to me. Dwelling is not something that we just run over to sit for a brief second and then jump up on to the next thing like much like my children will do. Dwelling is spending time, it is like curling up and staying a while. When you dwell you might even walk away with some kind of proof that you had been there - the seat is indented, your clothes are wrinkled from the position, your have an impression on your face or body - there is possibly evidence that you have dwelt. Recently in SJ's class they have been talking about Halloween, etc. Even though she seems very strong on the outside she really is a fraddy cat! Many nights she has been waking up with some kind of story in her head about what they talked about that day. It is normally nothing that would alarm anyone else, but she is a fraddy cat. So i will let her climb in bed with me and "dwell" for a few minutes. She does not want to sleep with me - and thank you Jesus for that one, but she just wants to dwell with me for a time until she feels safe enough to go back to her bed.

In worship I dwell. Recently at Deeper Still i remember thinking - Just take me Home. This dwelling is so wonderful I am ready to go!! But is is possible to dwell and not rest like the scripture says? I think so. I have been through a time of great turmoil brought on a lot by myself in the past. I would go to the Lord and seek Him, dwell, but would not accept the rest He provides in His shadow. It was miserable. I was wanting to "be" with the Lord, but not willing to give it to Him and rest. He was there to protect me - mostly from me - and I would not rest in that dwelling.

This reminds me of the time God was meeting with Moses on the mountain. Now you know that had to be a dwelling. But this time our Great Protector had to protect Moses from Himself. "When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by." Ex.33:22 But I think what I hear You saying Lord is that even in that there is a choice and a trust that must be accomplished. There is a releasing of my fears and questioning and trusting - I may dwell, but i have to choose ot rest! When I dwell or when Moses met with you he had to sit and stay. He had to trust that the Protection was enough - Oh Lord, you are more than enough!! Father, help me to come and dwell with you and then rest!! Help me to release all my fears and whatnots and receive Your protection and rest... Here we go again with that theme that keeps coming up in my life..................waiting and resting... Hello Valarie!! I love you Lord!! Thank you for this WOrd today!


Valarie said...

GIRL!! I just popped online because I'm sure you've read by now how busy a morning I've had! OH MY LANDS is God telling us a WORD today or what?! Ps 91:1 is one of the verses I posted up for the kids (and me) in light of our events last night! OH GOD THANK YOU for being our shelter! I will dwell there and rest only in Your confidence. Thanks girl.
Love to ya today!

Fran said...

Hey girl...
I couldn't have read this at a better time!! Thank you for the timely Word!!

Abby said...

thanks for this...i need to learn how to choose to rest in Him better!