Monday, October 29, 2007

House Update - Before and After - to a point...

This is the master bedroom and NO, we are not Kentucky fans. So we got all that "blue" taken off. It is still hard to imagine it will ever be beautiful!!
Ta Da!!! No blue walls, but blue light fixture that we will sell soon!!

This was the attic and the quarter moon shape windows. This space will
be Tucker's room, full bath, Clay's office, Common room, and a tiny, tiny office for me that
I am so pumped about!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!! PS - what you see in this picture is only one half. It is double on the other side.

This is that same area above just framed out.
One day i drove by to find all the shrubs pulled up.
I got back from the wedding to find new shrubs!! Thank you Tracey and Jennifer!
Other side of the house!

Thank you Jesus for allowing us to live in the 21st century and have "forced" heat and air!!

Believe it or not, this goal has already had lots of use! And

until we get there, Lukas keep it hot!

I couldn't remember if i ever showed "you" this built in. Kind of neat hidden extra!

Clay and I would most likely not be described as too adventurous or spontaneous. I want to be more like that, but i think our day will come. A bit hard right now with the small kids. However, one reason I am so excited about this house and all its potential is because it really is against everything we think of ourselves. We are safe, we are sure, we are not very risky in anything... this house is a risk, hopefully it will be safe, and I am sure I love it. I think anywhere else in the world we would have never done this. So it has been a dream come true once again! Thank you Jesus!!

We are still hoping for January move in!!!


Dori said...

Does it have a spare bedroom for when I come to visit?? :)

It's beautiful and I love seeing the before and afters!!!

Blessings, friend!

Leigh Gray said...

of course!!!!! if you will come, there will be a room and some food or snacks too!! ha ha!! naw - i will cook for you!!

love you sister!

Valarie said...

Girl I just LOVE that house! Esp that balcony thingy one the 2nd floor! LOVE that! I know Tucker is gonna love having his own "suite" upstairs instead of the basement! haha

BTW those girls sure looked sweet at the wedding!
Oh, and tell Dori I'm 1st on the visitor list! =)
Love ya girl!

Leigh Gray said...

everybody come and we can the biggest bestest girlie sleepover ever.................... oh what a dream that would be!!!

love you both too much!!


Tisha said...

Reserve me a spot (and the girls)too!!!! Loving the house!!!!!

Miss You!

Nicki said...

Oh Count me in too!! We'll just load up a van from Charlotte!! I'm sure HGBC would let us use a van, we'll call it a "mission trip of visitation" =) EVERYTHING looks great Leigh!! I love your house!! Can't wait to see you IN it!!

Leigh Gray said...

ok - from charlotte, ya'll get a van and then stop by in nashville and get dori and whomever else...

oh girls - if it could only be. the only i may not ever, ever let you go home!!!!

love, Leigh

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

That is the coolest house ever. Are you going to paint the brick? I can't wait to see the make-over exceed your expectations. :-)

CrownLaidDown said...

Beautiful...I love the windows and the shrubs and all the beauty that you all are adding to what is already so beautiful!!

I would love to come, too! :)

Praying for all the details of the plans God is doing in and through you, Leigh.

Amanda said...

Wow, it is so beautiful! It's going to be amazing when you're through.

Hannah said...

I just saw these photographs and the ones of homes around Carmi. I'm happy there is someone else who notices how cute Carmi really is. All the homes on third street are unique and gorgeous in their own way, and I just realized that my favorite house happens to be yours!!