Monday, October 29, 2007

Fairy Tale - No, the Real Thing

Sarahjane and Ms. Holly at the rehearsal dinner. I could hardly keep SJ off her lap.
I was so excited to see that Elleigh still remembered Holly and loved her more! Holly always knew just the right gift for the girls.
Holly always makes you feel as if there is nothing more important that talking with you - even when she a had a whole room to go around to and speak with.
They could not have enjoyed this job more.
It was a Fairy Tale Day.
My mom was so kind in helping do all the nails, toes, hair, etc.
Holly Givens and Dimitri Bruel
Sisters in Christ

They all want to be like Ms. Holly!
Ballerina #3
Ballerina #2
Ballerina #1
What a gorgeous day.

The kids and I were at a wedding this week of our babysitter in Charlotte and her now husband that she met in seminary - Holly and Dimitri. Dimi is from the Ukraine and Holly from all over. Her father in a pastor now serving at a church in Rockymont, NC.
Holly has an incredible family. Holly has 3 sisters. If my girls can turn out even half as good as any of these girls - oh Jesus, may it please be so. From the moment I first met them all as very young girls they all had a heart for Jesus. They have a desire for evangelism like i have never seen in such young people. Their naivety keeps them bold and searching for that next person to share Jesus with. The momma is so humble and you know a prayer warrior. Their dad is a fun loving big teddy bear. Of course they have had their ups and downs, but what a family. To have the privilege to know Holly like a best friend leave me just speechless.
The wedding was much like what i would describe a Heavenly fairly tale! It was not extravagantly decorated, but it was simple in purity. It was gorgeous inside and out just the structure alone. This is the same church that Billy And Ruth Graham got married in many years ago. Montreat College. Everything was to glorify God and they actually really did it. I mean everything. They said their own vows and Holly first spoke hers in Russian, Dimi's first of 5 languages. He is a sharp dude! Their first kiss WAS their first kiss! I could go and on. To know them and to be there was a worship experience. I left there that day, even with the stress of getting 3 little princesses ready to be flower girls, having worshipped Jesus. I know their life will be one of great joy in Christ. I have no idea the magnitude that the Lord will choose to use them, but i know it will be huge according to Christ standards.
If there is any way i could find a Holly for my girls i would. In Charlotte, Holly always brought the girls to Jesus each and every night she was there and thank you Lord, she was there a lot. She would call them on the phone and encourage them to seek the Lord. Everything and yes, i do mean everything, was to glorify Him and she took a personal responsibility in bringing my girls closer to Jesus even at their young ages. Oh how i miss Holly and pray for another influence like that in their lives!! I have not even mentioned how much my Tucker loves her too - he is too big to show it much these days, but he does have a great affection for her!
It was not a fairly tale, It was the real thing!!


Fran said...

Oh Leigh,
my heart is smiling as is my face!
That was just BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous day, amazing people, and what a friend you have....I love her! :)

Glad you are were missed.

Melissa May said...

Oh how beautiful! Your daughters and the whole wedding. Those kind are few and far between but so amazing to be a part of. Thanks for sharing it with us!

CrownLaidDown said...

How beautiful they all look!! I love a love story like that...especially with my Jesus in the middle of it. Wonderful...may God bless this new couple!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

What a beautiful day! Your girls look precious, and you can see Jesus shining on that sweet couples face!

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend.


Dori said...

Ditto to what everyone else has said!! Beautiful girls!! My Lindsey has a dress almost identical to those -- with her blonde hair she could slipped right in and been Ballerina #4! :)


Leigh Gray said...

thanks everybody!! it was truly a privilege to be there and see it all!!

love, Leigh

PS - what is up with the new option on the comments. i pushed it to see what it was and I got all of LPM blog responses......... for a moment i thought i had a ton of friends. ha ha!!

Kelly said...

I loved reading this...what an inspiration! Even though I am 49, I want to be like Holly!! And have a Holly in my life! It just made me want to cry reading about her and her sisters and best of all, her gorgeous wedding! What a wonderful testimony of Jesus' faithfulness!
Thanks for leaving me a comment sometime back on my blog...about reading!
I enjoy your blog and read it almost every day.

Nicki said...

OH MY WORD!!! I LOVE IT!!! They look SO pretty!! Just like little pretty princess!!! SO SWEET!!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

My daughter has never been a flower girl! I'm so jealous! But...there's still time! :-) Great pics! What memories!