Monday, October 22, 2007

Purse - cutest ever!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe the Holidays are just around the corner? Time to be thinking about presents for the loved ones or time to be hinting what you want. ha ha I am leaving for a wedding in Asheville, NC, but will be able to check my email from time to time. Let me know if you just have to have one of these new cutie purses. I can get it to you as soon as I come back!! Thank you thank you and thank you again for supporting Speaking Thru Me in this way. I truly appreciate it! Love, Leigh

PS - Each purchase comes with a surprise!!! Now you can hardly stand it, can you?

The next 3 purses are very sturdy purses and great size. They could easily carry
your big, hefty Bible and then everything else!!! These run for $40 plus shipping.

I am just tickled to death over these next purses. I LOVE them. They are $35 each and
that comes with a make-up bag and cell phone carrying case. Oh, love 'em!
(The turquoise always has the brown with it, but the pink can have black or brown - look closely at the polka dots. And of course I can get either verse on each purse.)

Have a great day and please pray for our traveling safety. Hubby is in Florida, "ruffing it", this week and so we are on our own... Yikes, 11 hours, 4 kids, dog, and me!!! Yahoojah!


Ang baylis said...

Your bags are so cute! I will think about who might need one!

Have fun in Ashville!
Angie xoxo

Leigh Gray said...

wonderful - just let me know. thanks

cletus104 at gmail dot come

thank you

Valarie said...

Travel safe sweet siesta!!

Love and prayers go with ya!

Girl, you know I need one of them bags I just gotta do some sweet-talkin! heehee

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Praying you have a wonderful(?) drive and a good visit!

Still going to get one of those bags!!! They are precious.


Lindsee said...

These are just precious!! And, one of them even has my favorite (or one of my favorite) verses on it. Psalm 37:4!!! LOVE IT!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Happy Momma said...

The ones with the polka dots (minus the fuzz) are my favorite. Question what are the measurements? How do you ship them? What does shipping run? If I wait and procrastinate until the begining of December will I have time?

Leigh Gray said...

Hey there Happy Momma!!

I ship them usually priority mail. The shipping runs anywhere from $8 and up depending on much you order.

How did you hear about the purses?? If on a certain blog then the shipping is free.

Because of a recent giveaway, things are going out the door pretty fast. I have noticed where I order from is a bit bogged down as well. You can wait, that would be fine, but I am not sure if I will have everything. I hate to say all that, but this is shopping season and just being honest.

the purses are around 10 inches tall and 14 inches wide... there about...

let me know if I can get you a purse!! thank you for your interest - that encourages me!!

Love, Leigh

Blog Contest Central said...

Hi Leigh Gray,

Found out about your blog contest giveaway a bit late but nonetheless, I blogged about it. Hope it brings yous some traffic.

Do let us know if you are conducting future promotions so that we can help plug your cause.

God Bless