Tuesday, November 20, 2007

478 - You make me want to ..........Shout, put myhands up and shout!!!

Oh Lord how wonderful and gracious you are in my life. Lord Jesus I woke up this morning just singing that older song - Shout - that is my heart today. Yesterday was quite a rush here and there and getting all ready - before the kids got home, but also obviously before everyone got here. It was so much fun and so exciting!! I was scared that no one would show up, but that is where I don't know the dynamics of a small town. More than anything they are supporters! For the most part this town likes to see people succeed and is willing to help in that succession! I am not sure what i was expecting, but I think I cleared a little over $600. That is so awesome!! The most exciting thing is that I have not had to go into any kind of ministry debt to get things started. Praise You!!! So all that was made last night will go straight to the ministry funds!!

Thank you, a huge thank you, to all those that showed up and supported by your attendance, but also by your purchases. Rachel did really well too - selling her baskets. I was proud for her! Even Clay bought a basket for work. They were just too cute. Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures of the evening tonight!

Below you will see some pictures that Ginger, my ministry partner, had taken while I was in Nashville! It was the most fun. This is just a smidgen of them. There are actually 169 photos. It was a real photo shoot and sooooo much fun!! The photographer, Elizabeth Pitman, was excellent and so accommodating. I can give you her info. if you are in her area.
This is Heather Hargis - my cousin that I am writing a book with. She has always had awesome hair and still does! My maiden name is Hargis and Hargis girls got some eyebrows now!!!

Father - I just hardly get out on "paper" what my heart is feeling today. I am just so t-totally excited about what is to come! And it one of those times that the scripture can much better articulate my thoughts than I can through the typed word. I was reading in Micah 7 today, the end of the chapter. In verse 8, Israel is telling the enemies to "not gloat over me". They have fallen as we all have, but the day is coming when God will rise them back up and be the Redeemer in an ultimate sense! It goes on to explain that because of sin there will be some things to deal with, but that the Lord will "bring me out into the light". Did you notice that 3 lettered word in the midst of that phrase - OUT? He will bring me OUT into the light. He will not just bring me into the light, but OUT of the sin and into the light!! Hallejuhah!!

Verse 14 to the end is a prayer and praise time!! Something I would like to speak back to the Lord - His language!! 14)Shepherd me Lord Jesus - Keep me in line! 15) Oh Lord, I want to see your wonders!! I want to see your signs. I want to see your miracles!! I want to be part of what you are doing!! 18) There is none like You Lord - absolutely none. No one can pluck me from your hand and no one can diminish the amount of grace you give to me!! Oh Lord! Thank you for not staying angry and let be an example to me!! But delighting to show mercy - wow, Father, thank you!! 19) Thank you for taking my sin and tossing it into the depths of the sea. Help me to never dive back into that sea and retrieve that remnants of that sin! Help me to not look for one last morsel or splash from the sins being tossed. Forgive me for the times I do not want to let go of my sin!! I want to wallow and get shallowed - Oh Lord help!! Thank you thank you! 20) But Lord, you are true to your Word! You can not contradict yourself and are not a God of confusion! Oh Lord- thank you thank you thank you!!! You always keep your promises and oaths!! Father, what a privilege to be your child and an honor to serve you!! May I do it well............just today, not worry about tomorrow, but serve you well today!! I love you!

PS - The Lord gave me my next single message - Wanted: Dead or Alive! My Bon Jovi lovin' hubby will be so proud!


Fran said...

Hey Leigh!
It sounds like God is doing some wonderful things for you right now....Nashville sounded like and looked like everything and more!
I'm just so happy that our sweet Savior is doing so much in your life right now. May His presence in your life radiate to ALL.

I'm thrilled for you! Have a great day friend.

Fran said...

And I LOVE that 1st picture!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Pictures are stunning!! Of course, with such beautiful subjects it makes it easy!

Sounds like the fundraiser was awesome. What another confirmation from the Lord!

Praying that God will continue to bless your obedience to Him!!!


Nicki said...

Ok, I couldn't help but laugh at the Bon Jovi part!! I can't wait to hear more! I love the pics them came out GREAT!!! Your hair looks oh so cute!!

ps-I'm about to send out my first e-mail and I'm nervous just about that!!! =)

Toknowhim said...


I met you at the Deeper Still Conference... well really a quick hello, (actually, I think I hugged you-which may have been awkward for you, but I am a hugger by nature-sorry about that :) I have read your last posts, and it is really neat to see how the Lord is working in your life, and to see what He will do through your ministry. One thing I do see through your posts is your passion for the Lord, and that is awesome!!! Keep pressing into HIM!!! He is your very great reward!!!

Leigh Gray said...

Fran - you are so wonderful to leave me messages or comments so often. I appreciate it more than you know!!! God has cut my computer time way back..........i hardly look at any blogs at all anymore... Still love everyone, but have had to cut back...

Thank you for your friendship and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love, Leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Stephanie - how is your husband feeling these days?? I think of you all often with medical issues and all.

THanks for your sweet encouragement - and you are right about last ngiht being another confirmation. I had not thought of that!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Leigh Gray said...

TO KNOW HIM - i do remember meeting you!! But your name has totally escaped me!! I am so sorry - thanks for your encouraing comments. I do have so far to go, but at least I will be perfect in the end - seeing Him face to face!!

your blog is so very cute!!!

have a great day!! and Thanksgiving!!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...


It's great to have you back. I hope you had a great time at the leadership conference. Love the pics. Ironically, now that I get your blog posts via e-mail, I never comment! Just wanted to let you know that I still check in with you once in a while. I, too, have had to cut back on checking people's blogs. Isn't God good to want to protect our/His time, etc.? Have a great Thanksgiving!

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh,

Wow - it's been a long time since I posted a comment for you, but I check in on your blog often and I am so happy to see things are going well for you! How awesome!

I absolutely loved what you wrote about God tossing our sins into the depth of the sea, and yet we need help to stop us from ever diving back in to retrieve them... That is SO TRUE!

Keep on pressing on, following Him.


Cmommy said...

Leigh, the photos are awesome, the scriptures are excellent!