Thursday, November 29, 2007

485 - Purse for the Person you know has everything!

All of the following purses are $35 except the one "laptop" bag that is $45. Thank you


Lindsee said...

Just wanted to tell you to stop by my blog and read about the facebook scam. If you or your kids have one, especially read it. It's not been fun!!

Thanks, friend!


Dionna said...

When do you find the time to make these? :):)

Fran said...

I love these bags!!! I'm just now beginning to shop and will definately keep in mind. You are so talented Leigh.

And...good for you on the myspace thing. I have a facebook "thing" and it is sooooo basic. I created it because my college intern begged me too! I have no idea what I'm doing though. But, I'm like you...I don't want to feel completely disconnected when my kids are all over the place!!

Hugs friend~

Heather said...

Love the top bag! Looks like it could be a fun diaper bag instead of lap top bag! Maybe hubs will let me splurge, maybe :)